PlayStation Vue

What you need to know

  • A rep on an affiliate channel sent a message to folks like us saying PSVue is being "deprioritized."
  • Which means if you sign up for it from our link, we don't make money on it anymore.
  • But Sony itself hasn't said anything; nor has it ever really prioritized PSVue in the first place.

OK. Let's set the stage: What you are about to read is not news. At least not yet.

This afternoon a message went out to PlayStation Vue "affiliates." In other words, anyone who can make a commission by getting folks to sign up for PlayStation Vue. That, friends, is us. When you use one of our links to sign up for a thing, or to buy a thing, there's a pretty good chance we'll make a little money from it. (And good thing, too. I like getting a paycheck.)

Anyway. This message started out with the following (emphasis mine):

We're reaching out with news that surprised us this morning, we received word that Sony and PlayStation have shifted their priorities, and have decided to deprioritize PlayStation Vue across all channels. This unfortunately includes affiliate, and they've asked us to pause all media immediately. We've informed them that the channel has a seven-day notice period, so they are aware the program will officially come to a close on 8/23.

There's more, but that's really the only part that concerns you. But here's the important part: That messaging didn't come to use directly from Sony. It came from the rep to the affiliate clearinghouse (which manages all sorts of affiliate relationships). What it does not say in any way, shape or form is that PlayStation Vue is shutting down, either imminently, or in the future.

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That doesn't mean it won't at some point — and frankly it wouldn't surprise me if it does. (And that's too bad — PSVue was the first streaming service I used.) But the simple fact is a message via affiliate channels is not the same thing as strategic news relayed directly from the source.

In other words, Sony has never actually prioritized PlayStation Vue. At least not anywhere near the scale by which Sony actually works. You've never seen any real advertising. What Google did with YouTube TV in the NBA Finals? And in the World Series? That's prioritizing a service. What Hulu's done with the U.S. Women's National Team? That's prioritizing a service. What Sling has done with its "Slingers" adverts (which were funny the first dozen times but really are just kind of weird now)? That's prioritizing a service.

Sony's just always had this thing that existed and that it did actively work with — as evidenced by it raising prices a few times. But, no. It never was a priority. It never was broken out in earnings. It rarely got mention on the PlayStation Blog. And it's only been part of this affiliate network for a few months.

So is this a harbinger of things to come? Possible. But for now? This is inside baseball. No more.

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