AirTV box The AirTV box now allows you to record your local channels and play them back directly in the Sling TV app. An AirTV box is $119 at Amazon.

AirTV — an over-the-air streaming box that also directly integrates with the Sling TV streaming service — today announced the ability to record local channels for viewing both in your own home, and while you're on the road. And there's no monthly subscription required.

You will, however, need your own external storage (aka a hard drive of some sort). This isn't a cloud-based DVR.

Otherwise, well, that's all there is to it. Once you update and restart your Sling TV app (it'll work in the AirTV app, too) — and to repeat this is when you're using an AirTV box — you'll see the Local Channels DVR alongside everything else. Easy as pie.

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