Amazon Fire TV Cube

Amazon today finally acknowledged the existence of the long-rumored Amazon Fire TV Cube by asking the following question: "What is Fire TV Cube?"

We're going to go out on a limb here and say that it's a streaming TV device, in the shape of a cube, that runs Amazon's Fire TV OS. It'll have more powerful hardware than what's currently baked into the Fire TV 4K dongle. It'll cost more money. And, if what AFTV (which was quick to notice this teaser page) has reported previously remains true, it'll be the sort of thing that'll also serve as an Amazon Echo device — so presumably you won't even need the voice remote to command Alexa to do things.

Amazon Fire TV Cube The Amazon Fire TV Cube made a sneak peek in the instructions for the Amazon Ethernet adapter.

Engadget later got a peek — and we also picked one up — at one of the pages of the Fire Cube manual. There's not too much to be gleaned from that, except that we now know (at least according to this schematic) that the Fire Cube won't have a dedicated ethernet point, but instead has a microUSB port that'll accept the Amazon Ethernet Adapter for Fire TV Devices — that's the same 10/100 Ethernet adapter you need to use with the Fire TV Stick or 2017's Fire TV 4K dongle.

Other ports on the back of the Fire Cube are infrared, power and HDMI.

That's all pretty predictable stuff, even without the leaks. The question is whether Amazon has anything else up its sleeve.

Stay tuned.

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