Amazon Fire TV The Amazon Fire TV pendant is on sale for just $49.

The era of the Amazon Fire TV Cube is upon us. But today, it's all about a huge deal on the Amazon Fire TV pendant. (That's Gen 3, for those of you who keep track of things in that matter.) It's regularly $69, putting it squarely in the middle of the three Fire TV options.

But today (and we don't know for how long) you can snag it for a mere $49.

And make no mistake — just because this one's no longer the new hotness in Amazon's lineup doesn't mean that you're settling. You still get 4K resolution. (In fact, this one basically has the same internal components as the Fire TV Cube.) You still get access to everything Amazon has to offer, from movies to TV to music and apps. You still get the Voice Remote, which gives you one-touch access to Amazon Alexa.

The Fire TV pendant absolutely is right up there in our picks of the best streaming hardware, and you're unlikely to find it at a better price.

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