The Amazon Fire TV Cube is a fine device. It does 4K video just fine. It does Cube stuff just fine.

Wait. Cube stuff?

Right. This thing — in addition to being a full Amazon Fire TV 4K — also essentially is a Fire TV Dot, with an external speaker and hands-free Alexa and all that jazz.

And this is our video review. So sit back, relax, and enjoy 5 minutes of Fire TV Cube.

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Amazon Fire TV Cube

$119 at Amazon

Amazon Fire TV Cube is a mashup of an Amazon Fire TV 4K and an Amazon Echo. It's a full smart TV system, with the ability to do all sorts of things hands-free thanks to Amazon Alexa being built into the box itself.

That's not to say you'll never need the remote control — or have to grab another remote to control things like volume and power. But it's a really cool iteration of both the Fire TV and Echo lines.

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