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Many moons ago Amazon dropped word that it would, for the first time, offer up Premier League football (that's soccer for some of us) via Amazon Prime Video. On Dec. 3, those in the UK will get their first look at how the American company serves up what pretty much is the national sport.

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What's when we'll see the first two of 20 games on Amazon Prime Video this season. We're getting two full fixture rounds, starting with the December midweek round, as well as the Bank Holiday round.

Here's how to watch:

How to watch:

  • If you're a current Amazon Prime customer: You're good to know and can watch the fixtures for free.
  • If you're not a Prime member, you can get in for £7.99 per month, or £79 for the year.
  • You'll be able to watch via the Amazon Prime Video app, which is available on Amazon Fire TV, BT TV, Virgin TV and Talk Talk TV, on mobile devices, and on Fire TV Stick

The only thing that's left for you to to, then, is watch.

Watch the EPL

Amazon Prime Video

Twenty games hath December

Amazon is in its first year of a three-year contract to show 20 EPL games on Prime Video, which is free for Prime members. Games start Dec. 3 and go through the Banking Holiday.

The EPL schedule on Amazon Prime Video

December 26

  • Tottenham vs. Brighton, 12:30
  • Bournemouth vs. Arsenal, 15:00
  • Aston Villa vs. Norwich, 15:00
  • Chelsea vs. Southampton, 15:00
  • Crystal Palace vs. West Ham, 15:00
  • Everton vs. Burnley, 15:00
  • Sheffield United vs. Watford, 15:00
  • Manchester United vs. Newcastle, 17:30
  • Leicester vs. Liverpool, 20:00

December 27

  • Wolves vs. Manchester City, 19:45

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