Robert AramayoSource: HBO

What you need to know

  • Robert Aramayo is replacing Will Poulter as the lead actor in the upcoming Lord of the Rings Amazon original.
  • Lord of the Rings will stream on Prime Video and has already been signed up for two seasons.
  • Additional Game of Thrones talent has been brought aboard to ensure the show's success.

Amazon is tapping into Game of Thrones talent for its upcoming Lord of the Rings series, which seems to be finally taking shape several years after being announced. Variety reports that Robert Aramayo, who played a young Ned Stark in seasons six and seven of HBO's veritable epic Game of Thrones, will be taking on the role of a young hero named Beldor. Beldor is part of a kingdom that existed thousands of years before any of the events in J.R.R. Tolkien's classic fantasy novels, and should help pave the way for important back story and expanded lore in the original fantasy epic.

Amazon Studios has reportedly not begun filming the series yet, which makes sense since the previous lead actor, Will Poulter, apparently had scheduling issues and had to leave the project. In addition to bringing on a seasoned fantasy actor to play the lead role, Amazon has also hired Bryan Cogman as a consulting producer. Cogman is best known for writing eleven episodes of Game of Thrones and will certainly lend an authentic voice to the project.

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Amazon is going all-in with Lord of the Rings, having already signed on for two whole seasons of the show before any filming even began. Given the success of titles like The Witcher on Netflix and the announcement of a Game of Thrones prequel, Amazon is looking to bring its own fantasy epic to the table to bolster Amazon Prime Video in the eyes of consumers. Amazon is even utilizing its own in-house video game development studios to create a Lord of the Rings MMO, completing the quest for ultimate entertainment.

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