One of the worst-kept secrets in Hollywood these days is that Apple is working on a streaming service of its own. And not just something perhaps to replace iTunes (which gets less and less relevant every year), but something on which Apple also will showcase its own original content.

And that secret may finally stop being a secret come March 25.

Rumore of a new Apple video service have, of course, been swirling for what seems like forever. And that makes sense, given that actors have to be locked-in well in advance of production. And if two people know something, it's not a secret. Speaking of which, how about Brie Larson in a CIA show?

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There's still a ton we don't know, of course. What sort of price will Apple charge for this sort of Netflix competitor? Will it have anywhere near the depth of Amazon Prime Video? And will the original content be any good in the first place?

We'll find out more on March 25, we suppose. In the meantime, we'll reiterate: Don't underestimate Apple's first go at something.

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