Apple may sell subscriptions to third-party streaming OTT channels within its TV app, Bloomberg reported. (Photo credit: Apple)

In what would be a bit of an obvious move (as in it makes perfect sense), Apple is rumored to start selling subscriptions to third-party streaming video services from within its own TV app, according to a report from Bloomberg.

So instead of signing up for, say, HBO and MLB TV and ESPN+ separately, and then logging in through an Apple TV or iPad or iPhone, you'd just be able to do it in one fell swoop, paying everything through Apple. Same basic end result, it's just easier. Amazon basically has this with Amazon Prime Video Channels. You sign up for any of a (ridiculously large) number of "channels" and pay through your usual Amazon mechanism. The channels — which range from HBO to Russian TV — are then viewable through Amazon Fire TV.

The triple-bylined report, citing anonymous sources, says Apple could launch this within the next year.

As it stands today, Apple's TV app aggregates shows from certain services. But it doesn't pull in everything. Netflix has been the biggest holdout, not wanting to give Apple the knowledge of what folks are watching on Netflix. (Irony, thy name is ...)

Apple currently doesn't have any live streaming video services.

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