One of the more awesome but understated features of Apple TV has got to be its "Aerial" screensavers. They're good enough that I'd actually consider them to be the equivalent of their own channel — especially if you're watching them via an Apple TV 4K with HDR.

(They're also good enough that you should totally use them if you have an Android TV, but that's another thing for another day.)

Whether you're flying over a major city in the Middle East, or Hong Kong, or New York or San Francisco, or cruising along the water of Hawaii, it's possible to spend way too much time just watching these things. They're that good.

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And now, Apple announced at its WWDC conference in San Jose, we're going off world. The Earth itself is becoming an Aerial —  thanks, of course, to the International Space Station.

Its the sort of thing that makes pretty much every other screen saver on every other piece of streaming hardware seem childish. (We're looking at you, especially, Roku.)

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