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Apple TV got an update to tvOS 11.4 today, bringing it some pretty big improvements if you use your Apple TV as a way to play music. They only real change you need to worry about is that AirPlay 2 is now on board, letting you use your Apple TV in groups alongside HomePod and other AirPlay 2-compatible speakers.

This also means that if you have a couple of AirPods on either side of your television with Apple TV, you'll be able to use them as proper external speakers. (Or, conceivably, any other pair of AirPlay 2-compatible speakers.) Until now, you could use a single HomePod with Apple TV, and it sounded exactly like you were outputting audio to a single HomePod. Not ideal.

This is a pretty huge update —if you're way into using AirPlay for your music playback. Or if you're thinking about using AirPlay as your music playback. And if you want to incorporate your Apple TV into all that — or use a couple of paired HomePods as your wireless external speakers.

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