DirecTV Now is now AT&T TV Now. Tongue-twister aside, it's still pretty much the same sort of service we've come to know over the years, just better. (And, yes, a little more expensive.) It's grown quite a bit, with the service having more available channels than anyone else. (Sling TV is a close second, though its a la carte scheme is a good bit different in implementation.)

Here's everything you need to know about AT&T TV Now:

The deets


It's not DirecTV Now — it's AT&T TV Now

Seven plans, ranging from $65 to $135 a month, get you pretty much the most options you'll find on any of the live streaming services.

What is AT&T TV Now?

This may seem a more than a little superfluous, but it's not. AT&T has done its darndest to confuse folks. Here, we'll lay out all the changes in some easy-to-understand bullet points.

  • DirecTV — the satellite-based TV service — is still DirecTV.
  • AT&T TV is a video service that's slowing rolling out to a handful of AT&T markets. Think of it more like traditional cable — it's just not cable.
  • DirecTV Now — the internet based streaming TV service — is now AT&T TV Now.
  • AT&T Watch TV is a skinny mobile-based video service found on AT&T Wireless.
  • HBO Max is an upcoming service centered around HBO, which is owned by AT&T.
  • WarnerMedia is an upcoming service centered around WarnerMedia content. Guess who owns WarnerMedia — yep, it's AT&T.

Basically, AT&T is trying to cover all its bases, even if it's confusing as heck.

What's new with AT&T TV Now

We learned on Oct. 18, 2019, that the price of AT&T TV Now's two least-expensive plans would be increasing for new subscribers starting on Nov. 19. The "Plus" plan — which includes HBO — went from $50 to $65. And the "Max" plan went from $70 to $80.

AT&T TV Now's legacy plans also went up in price.

How to subscribe to AT&T TV Now

Subscribing to AT&T TV Now is fairly easy. Here's how to do it:

  1. Use your favorite web browser and hit up
  2. Choose a plan. (Be sure to click on See More Packages to see beyond the Max and Plus plans.)
  3. Click "Continue" where you see the subtotal.
  4. Choose your add-ons, like 3 simultaneous screens, or a premium movie channel, or Spanish-language options.
  5. Select "Checkout."
  6. Create your AT&T User ID (if you don't already have one) and password.
  7. Set up your billing information.

AT&T TV NowSource: AT&T

AT&T TV Now plans and pricing

AT&T TV Now has seven plans from which to choose. Six are in English, and the seventh is a dedicated Spanish-language option. AT&T is pushing its two least expensive plans — the $50-a-month Plus plan, and the $70-a-month Max plan — pretty hard. Moreso, even than, than plans that offer more channels. (Of course, they also cost more.) The Plus and Max plans are the only two that include HBO or Cinemax without a premium subscription fee.

Here's how they all break down:

  • Plus ($65 a month): This is now the least expensive option on AT&T TV Now. It's got 40-plus channels and comes with HBO, HBO Family and HBO Latino included. You'll get local channels with this plan, but no regional sports networks.
  • Max ($80 a month): This plan adds some more sports channels (for a total of 50-plus) and also includes HBO and Cinemax. It includes regional sports networks.
  • Entertainment ($93 a month): From here on out HBO and the like will cost extra. But you get 65-plus channels, including your local channels. But no regional sports networks.
  • Choice ($110 a month): Local channels and regional sports networks are included, and you'll end up with more than 85 channels total.
  • Xtra ($124 a month): We're now up to more than 105 channels total, including local and regional sports.
  • Ultimate ($135 a month): This will get you the maximum number of English-language channels -- 125 and change — including local and regional sports.
  • Optimo Mas ($86 a month): This is AT&T TV Now's Spanish-language option. You get about 50 channels in Spanish, and 40-some in English. Local channels are included, but not regional sports channels.

What channels are on AT&T TV Now?

AT&T TV Now pretty much has more channels available than any other streaming service. (Sling TV comes closest.) But AT&T TV Now is strongly pushing two less expensive plans above the others. The PLUS and MAX plans are $65 and $80, respectively, and each includes HBO. (Which is owned by WarnerMedia, which is owned by AT&T.)

But there are four other plans available on AT&T TV Now, as well as a Spanish-language plan. They range in price from $93 a month to $135 a month. And if you're truly looking to replicate the cable experience but with streaming video, it's where you'll want to look.

We've selected the PLUS and MAX plans by default here. Click the other boxes to compare them with the other AT&T TV Now plans.

Plus Max Entertain Choice XTRA Ultimate Opitmo Mas
A Wealth of Entertainment x x x
A&E x x x x x
ABC x x x x x x x
AccuWeather x x x x x x x
ACC Network x x x x
AMC x x x x x
American Heroes x x
Animal Planet x x x x x
Antena 3 x
Aspire x x
Atres Series x
Audience x x x x x x
AXS TV x x x x x
Azteca x
Baby First x x x x x
Baby TV x
Bandamax x
BBC America x x x x
BBC World News x x
BET x x x x x x
BET Her x x
Bloomberg TV x x x x
Boomerang x x x x
Bravo x x x x x x x
BTN x x x x
C-Span x x x x x
C-Span 2 x x x x x
Canal 22 Internacional x
Canal Once x
Caracol TV x
Cartoon Network x x x x x x
Cartoon Network East x
CBS x x x x x x x
CBS Sports Network x x
Centroamerica TV x
Cheddar x x x x x
Cine Estelar x
Cine Mexicano x
Cine Nostalgia x
Cine Sony x
Cinelatino x
Cinemax x
CMT x x x x x
CNBC x x x x x x
CNBC World x x x x x
CNN x x x x x x x
CNN en Espanol x
Comedy Central x x x x x x
Comedy TV x x x
De Pelicula x x x
De Pelicula Clasico x
Destination America x x
Discovery x x x x x
Discovery en Espanol x
Discovery Familia x
Discovery Family Channel x x
Discovery Life x x
Disney Channel x x x x x x x
Disney Jr. x x x x x x
Disney XD x x x x x x x
DIY Network x x
E! x x x x x x x
Ecuador TV x
Ecuavisa Internacional x
El Rey x x
Enlace x
ESPN x x x x x x
ESPN Deportes x
ESPN2 x x x x x x
ESPNews x x x x
ESPNU x x x x
Estrella TV x
FM x x
Food Network x x x x x
FOROtv x
Fox x x x x x x x
Fox Business Network x x x x x x
Fox Deportes x
Fox News x x x x x x
FoxLife x
Freeform x x x x x x x
FS1 x x x x x x x
FS2 x x x
Fuse x x x
Fusion x x x x
FX x x x x x x x
FXM x x x x
FXX x x x x x x x
fyi x x
Galavision x x x x x
Game Show Network x x x
Golf Channel x x x
GolTV x
Hallmark Channel x x x x x x
Halmark Movies & Mysteries x
HBO x x
HBO Family x x
HBO Latino x x
HGTV x x x x
History Channel x x x x x
History en Espanol x
HLN x x x x x x x
IFC x x x
Investigation Discovery x x x x
IVC Net x
Justice Central x x x
Lifetime x x x x x
Lifetime Movie Network x x
Logo x x
Longhorn Network x
MegaTV x
MLB Network x x x
MotorTrend x x x x x
MSG+ x
MSNBC x x x x x x x
MTV x x x x x x x
MTV Classic x x
MTV2 x x x x
Multimedios x
My Network TV x x
Nat Geo x x x x x x x
Nat Geo Mundo x
Nat Geo Wild x x x x
NBA TV x x
NBC x x x x x x x
NBCSN x x x x x x x
NHL Network x x
Nick Jr. x x x x x x
Nickelodeon x x x x x x x
Nicktoons x x x
NTN24 x
Nuestra Tele x
Olympic Channel x x x x
One American News x x x x
Ovation x x x x x
OWN x x x
Oxygen x x x x
Paramount Network x x x x x x
Pasiones x
Peru Magico x
Pop x x x
REELZ x x x x
Revolt x x x
RFD-TV x x x x
SCI x x x
SEC Network x x x x
Sportsman Channel x x
STARZ Encore Action x
STARZ Encore Black x
STARZ Encore Classic x
STARZ Encore East x
STARZ Encore Family x
STARZ Encore Suspence x
STARZ Encore West x
STARZ Encore Westerns x
Sundance TV x x x
SUR Peru x
SYFY x x x x x x
TBS x x x x x x x
TCM x x x x x x
TeenNick x x x x
TeleCentro x
Telefe x
Telemundo x x x x x x x
Tennis Channel x x x
The CW x x x x x x
The Weather Channel x x x x
TLC x x x x
TNT x x x x x x x
Tr3s x
Travel Channel x x x
TruTV x x x x x x
TV Chile x
TV Land x x x x x
TV One x x x
TVG x x
TyC Sports x
UniMas x x x x
Universal Kids x x x x
Universo x x x
Univision x x x x x
Univision Deportes Network x x
Univision tlnovelas x
Up x x x x
USA Network x x x x x x x
VePlus x
VH-1 x x x x x x x
Viceland x x x x x
VideoRola x
ViendoMovies x
WAPA America x
WE tv x x x x
YES Network x
ZooMoo x

AT&T TV Now add-ons

In addition to the packages above, AT&T TV Now has a number of add-on options available. They'll vary a little bit depending on which plan you have — for instance, if HBO is included in your chosen plan, you can't also add it as an add-on.

Here's everything that's available:

  • Three simultaneous screens for $5 a month
  • HBO for $15 a month
  • Cinemax for $11 a month
  • Showtime for $11 a month
  • STARZ for $11 a month
  • for EPIX $6 a month
  • AT&T TV Now Español for $15 a month, includes Univision, Discovery Channel en Español, Estrella TV, and Cinelatino
  • AT&T TV Now Deportes for $5 a month, includes TyC Sports, Univision Deportes, Fox Deportes, and ESPN Deportes

The deets


It's not DirecTV Now — it's AT&T TV Now

Seven plans, ranging from $50 to $135 a month, get you pretty much the most options you'll find on any of the live streaming services.

Does AT&T TV Now stream in 4K?

To watch content in 4K resolution, you need a few things working together. First you need a television that's capable of 4K resolution. If you have another piece of streaming hardware attached — say, and Apple TV or a Roku or Android TV device — it'll need to be able to handle 4K resolution as well. Then, finally, you need the streaming service and the content being streamed to be done so in 4K resolution.

The short answer? No. AT&T TV Now does not yet stream content natively in 4K resolution. It may be upscaled to your TV's resolution, but that's not really the same thing.

So stay tuned.

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