Best Amazon Prime Video Channels for LGBT-friendly content CordCutters 2020

Amazon Prime Video has plenty of LGBTQ+ content on the website and app between a number of different channels. There are even plenty of LGBTQ+ friendly channels that hire actors, screenwriters, directors, and more from the LGBTQ+ community without judgement or discrimination.

Famous shows: HBO

Staff favorite

HBO has featured many accurately-represented LGBTQ+ folks in the shows and movies featured on the channel. The content is popular because it's good and because it reflects a world that feels more real because there isn't erasure of race or sexuality.

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All colors of the rainbow: Starz

Starx is another chanel featured on Amazon Prime Video that doesn't erase the LGBTQ+ community from their TV shows. Prime example is in Sweetbitter, featuring a lesbian in their cast of main characters.

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Old school: Cinemax

Cinemax doesn't have too much in regard to LGBTQ+ content, but you can still find old classics like Touch of Pink from the selection menu.

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Visual novels: Showtime

Showtime is known for its TV shows and movies that revolve around drama or slice of life- and LGTBQ+ content is not new to this channel in the slightest. Find popular movies like Rent and B&B on Showtime's selection!

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Supporting the community: CBS All Access

Aside from the fact CBS All Access has characters in shows, main cast or not, that are LGBTQ+, they also support the community. CBS All Access frequently hires actors, scriptwriters, and more from the LGBTQ+ community— and proudly at that.

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No shame: MTV Hits

When has MTV ever been ashamed with their LGBTQ+ fans, community, actors, musicians, and more? That's right. Never. The channel has loudly proclaimed their support for the community for as long as I can remember while representing and employing people of the LGBTQ+ community.

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We're all in this together

Not every company or business is perfect, but at least a good amount of them are looking to improve their beliefs. As this world grows its slowly learning that love always wins, one step at a time.

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