Best External Storage for your Amazon Fire TV Cube CordCutters 2020

The Amazon Fire TV Cube is a wonderful streaming box to add to your entertainment center. Though Amazon offers free cloud storage for content purchased from Amazon, you may want more local storage than just the 16GB available. Expanding is simple to do once you get an On The Go (OTG) adapter to plug into the back of the cube and a flash drive — 128GB or smaller. Since external hard drives won't work for the Amazon Fire TV Cube, we've rounded up some of the best USB flash drives out there to get your favorite streaming box some internal breathing room.

Small and Powerful: Samsung FIT Plus USB 3.1 Flash Drive 128GB

Staff Pick

This flash drive may be tiny, but it packs some serious power for a flash drive. Using USB 3.1, it can get read speeds up to 300 MB/s, which means less time waiting to access the files you've stored on the 128 GB device. It's also water, shock, temperature, magnet, and X-ray proof — so no worries when you stash it away in a backpack or the back of your entertainment center.

Brand you know: HP 128GB x900w USB 3.0 Flash Drive

HP is a brand well known in computing, but it also has some pretty great accessories like flash drives. The x900w operates with the speedy USB 3.0 standard but is also backward with 2.0 host devices. This option gives you additional flexibility in the devices you can use it with, whether it's your Fire TV Cube or computer.

Transcendent file storage: Transcend 128GB JetFlash 790 USB 3.0

Transcend has put together a high-performing USB 3.1 flash drive into a well thought out package. The lightweight casing has a clever slider that retracts the USB A connector, alleviating the need for a cap. Utilizing the USB 3.1 standard, you'll get plenty of fast read speeds for your Amazon Fire TV Cube.

Save a few bucks: SanDisk Ultra CZ48 64GB USB 3.0

If you don't think that you'll need 128GB of additional storage for your Amazon Fire TV Cube, you can save some cash by getting a flash drive with lower capacity. Here's a 64GB option that has 100MB/s read speeds and is also USB 3.0 with backward compatibility to 2.0. You'll still have plenty of space and high performance from your flash drive.

Go for two: Samsung Duo Plus USB 3.1 Flash Drive 128GB

Options are great to have, and having them in your flash storage is just as nice. Samsung is offering a flash drive that will work for your Amazon Fire TV Cube while working with your USB-C devices without the need for an adapter. It also offers 300MB/s read speeds and the durability to withstand nearly anything you can throw at it.

Hides away nicely: SanDisk 128GB Ultra Fit USB 3.1 Flash Drive

Like our top pick, this offering from SanDisk is tiny. While this flash drive from SanDisk may not have the same 300MB/s read speeds, 130MB/s, it's still quite fast and offers excellent performance. It has compatibility for both USB 3.1 and USB 2.0 to help it work well with various devices. Plus, it'll tuck behind your Amazon Fire TV Cube very well.

Double duty: PNY Duo Link Sync & Charge 64GB

PNY has a flash drive here that will not only be a great option to expand the storage on your Amazon Fire TV Cube but also work for transferring files off of your iPhone or other devices with a Lightning port. Operating at USB 3.0 speeds will ensure quick reads of the files stored on it. Bonus feature: you can also use this as a small charging cable for your iPhone!

A splash of color: Micro Center SuperSpeed 128GB USB 3.0

You may be hiding this flash drive back behind your Amazon Fire TV Cube, but that doesn't mean it can't be a fun color! This bright yellow flash drive comes with 128GB of USB 3.0 storage to give fast and reliable access to your files. It's not only USB 3.0 compatible, but it is also certified USB 2.0 to give additional device support.

Time for an expansion

The Amazon Fire TV Cube is a powerful streaming box. It's packed with features to make your TV and gaming experience fun as well as simple. With Alexa in tow, you can even just ask the digital assistant for what you want. However, with only 16GB of onboard storage, the one thing Alexa can't do is give you more built-in storage. While Amazon offers cloud storage, sometimes it's good to have your info locally stored.

This is when a flash drive helps out to expand your storage on your favorite streaming box — err cube. While you do need more than just a flash drive to get this done, remember you need an OTG cable. The Samsung FIT Plus is not only tiny to fit behind your Amazon Fire TV Cube, but it also offers fantastic performance at a great price. Though if you don't think you'll need to 128GB of additional space, you can save a few bucks and get a 64GB option with the SanDisk Ultra CZ48. Regardless of which of these options you decide to choose, with the extra space you'll gain for your Amazon Fire TV Cube will be ready store all the things.

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