Bose QC35The original Bose QC35 headphones have been updated with a newer model that also has Amazon Alexa built in — for just $20 more. ($349 at Amazon

You might not think of headphones as essential accessories for watching TV. But the simple fact is that cutting the cord is the perfect time to look into a good pair of earbuds or over-the-ear cans.

Because here's the thing: If you're going with an Amazon Fire TV or a Roku box or Apple TV or an NVIDIA Shield TV — or an Xbox or PlayStation — it's easier than ever to connect some headphones for private listening. Some only do wireless. Some have headphone jacks for wired headphones.

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The point is, you have options. And the ability to watch shows late at night without waking someone — whether you're in bed or blasting things in the living room — is one of those things you never new you were missing until you try it.

So with that in mind, here are our top picks for headphones if you've cut the cord.

Apple AirPods ($159)

If you've got an iPhone and and Apple TV, this is kind of a no-brainer. Apple's AirPods are ridiculously easy to pair, and to switch between various devices.

You'll just charge 'em up (with that very cool case), think happy thoughts (that's how Apple stuff works), and go.

And, actually, they're a great option for Android users, too — and also for anyone who doesn't want over-the-ear headphones.

Bose QC35ii ($349)

If you do any sort of traveling but also want some good wireless cans to use at home, the Bose QC35ii are a great option. You get excellent noise-cancellation in a comfortable (if not inexpensive) package. (Plus there's an included cable for those times when you do need to be able to plug in.)

Laying in bed at night with noise-canceling headphones is one of those things you need to experience at some point in your life. And once you're done with that sensory deprivation test, pair 'em with your favorite streaming box for a truly intimate streaming experience. Plus they've got Amazon Alexa built in.

Sony H.ear On WH-H900N ($298)

If you're dead set against Bose (those people exist, and they're very vocal) or just want to save $50, the Sony H.ear On WH-H900N (yes, that's what they're actually called) wireless headphones are another excellent option.

The noise cancellation isn't quite as good as Bose, though it's still regarded to be quite excellent — and the audio quality is pretty much on par. You get up to 28 hours of use with noise-cancellation turned on, and even more if it's left off.

Plus they just look cool.

TaoTronics ANC Bluetooth Headphones ($70)

Yeah, that price is right. There's gotta be something wrong with these, though, given that they're more than $200 less than the likes of Sony and Bose, right?

Well, yeah. They're not quite up there in that tier. But here's the thing: For at-home listening — where you're not trying to fight over the din of the engine or the outright noise of cable TV blaring in the airport waiting area — these can do you really well considering the price.

That extra cash you're not spending? Use it to pick up a second streaming box.

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