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In this week's selection of films and shows on Amazon Prime, Midge Maisel continues her attempts to make a big name for herself in comedy. An assassin is forced to reveal his secrets to his wife after they become the target of a multi-million dollar hit. Finally, a teenager continually relives the last day of her life, discovering what a difference in the lives of her loved ones 24 hours can make.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - Season 2

Midge's takedown of Sophie Lennon continues to loom large over her despite her successful show at the Gaslight, making her efforts to climb the comedy ladder even more difficult. As she continues to plug away creating new routines and booking shows, the pressure for Midge to reveal her secret to her family grows.


Spencer is a government assassin who has just met Jen, the perfect woman for him. While all he wants is to enjoy an ideal marriage, Spencer finds himself and his wife on the wrong ends of a multi-million dollar hit, forcing the couple to go on the run for their lives and revealing Spencer's secrets to Jen.

Before I Fall

After she's killed in an accident, a girl wakes up to find herself reliving the last day of her life once again, something that she does repeatedly. Over the course of her looping days, she wades through the secrets of those closest to her, discovering what a difference in a life one day can make.

Looking ahead

Upcoming additions to Amazon's Prime Video lineup begin with the second season of 4 Blocks, which continue to follow Toni Hamady, who tried to extract himself from his criminal life, only to be pulled back in in order to protect his wife and daughter. In Life of Crime, a police constable connects murder cases from disparate time periods in an effort to catch a modern muderer. Finally, in Evan Almighty, a junior congressman is charged by God with the creation of an ark to be filled with animals, a situation that causes the congressman to believe he is loosing his mind as it progresses.

4 Blocks - Season 2

This series follows Toni Hamady, formerly head of the Hamady drug cartel, who tried to leave his life of crime behind him so that he could live normally with his wife and daughter. Faced with the prospect of his unpredictable and dangerous brother taking over the family, Toni wades back into the underworld, where new dangers abound. Arrives December 15.

Life of Crime

Denise Woods is a police constable who pursues an investigation into the strangling death of a teenager, which she begins to believe may be connected to two other murders from decades past. As her investigation progresses, she runs up against her senior officer and others in the department. Arrives December 15.

Evan Almighty

Junior congressman and former TV news anchor Evan Baxter wants to change the world, and God Himself is willing to help him make that happen. But when God charges Evan with building an ark, Evan begins to think he might be losing his grip. Arrives December 16.

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