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In this week's selection of films and shows on Amazon Prime, cartoonist John Callahan finds a way to recovery, both from substance abuse and a major accident, through his art. A medical student, a journalist, and the women they both love all fight to survive in the waning days of the Ottoman Empire during the outbreak of World War I. Finally, Professor Jonah Mulray has his life turned upside down when his wife is killed in a car crash in Hong Kong, only to discover that her death might not have been as accidental as it first appeared.

Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot

This biographical comedy/drama follows cartoonist John Callahan on his rocky path to sobriety after a life-changing accident. As he recovers from his injuries, Callahan discovers a talent for art, drawing edgy, funny, and often controversial cartoons that bring him notoriety and a new outlook.

The Promise

Set during the waning days of the Ottoman Empire, this historical drama follows three people through their experiences during the outbreak of World War I, as a medical student, a reporter, and the woman that they both love, fight to survive and escape the violence that grips the Empire.

White Dragon - Season 1

Professor Jonah Mulray finds his life torn apart after he learns that his wife has died in a car crash in Hong Kong. However, after playing her final message, Jonah begins to suspect that not all is what it appears. Traveling to Hong Kong himself, Jonah uncovers a trail of deceit and violence that calls his entire life into question.

Looking ahead

Upcoming additions to Amazon's Prime Video lineup begin with Lorena, an original docuseries that looks into the truth of the case of Lorena Bobbit, examining it from angles that, even now, are often forgotten. In What They Had, Nicholas and Bridget attempt to persuade their father to put their mother, who is suffering from Alzheimer's, in a nursing home after she wanders into a blizzard on Christmas Eve. Finally, The Party centers on the story of an intimate gathering of friends that quickly falls off the rails when the hostess' husband reveals not only that he his terminally ill, but that he intends to leave his wife for one of her subordinates, whose husband is also in attendance at the gathering.

Lorena - Season 1

This four-episode limited documentary series, delves into the events in 1993 in which Lorena Bobbit, ostensibly a happily-married woman, cut off her husband's penis. As the act and the trial that followed led to a media firestorm, the motive behind Lorena's actions, years of marital abuse, thrust the issue of domestic abuse back into the national spotlight. Arrives February 15.

What They Had

After their mother, suffering from Alzheimer's wanders out into a blizzard on Christmas Eve, Nicholas asks his sister Bridget to return home to help convince their father that it's time for their mother to go into a nursing home. Arrives February 16.

The Party

An intimate gathering of friends to celebrate the political ascension of Janet, one of their own quickly spirals out of control when Janet's husband reveals that he is both terminally ill and leaving her for one of their friends. What follows is a veritable flood of revealed secrets regarding love, sex, resentment, and more that culminates in a most violent answering of ringing doorbell. Arrives February 17.

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