This article is updated each week to show you all the best shows and movies this week. Got it? It's updated weekly, because Amazon is continuously adding new movies and TV shows to its Prime video streaming service, and each week, we'll bring you the best it has to offer!

★ Featured favorite - September 6: Late Night

This Amazon Prime original stars Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling. In the cutthroat world of late night comedy, a 30-year veteran fears that her show may soon be cut unless she manages to get ratings up. So she does something audacious and hires her first female writer. This hilarious movie is written and produced by Mindy Kaling and is sure to be a hit for anyone who loves the late night comedy shows it is lampooning.

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September 3: Victoria: Season 3

Queen Victoria is one of the longest ruling, and most beloved monarchs in England's long and varied history. This series follows the young queen as she learns to rule in an era where other monarchs are dropping like flies. There are scandals to be survived, constitutional crises to endure, and a decade of marriage to navigate. Now the third season has arrived bringing new challenges to the queen as she rules England and learns what it means to be queen.

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In Case you Missed it in August: The Fifth Element

Sci Fi classic The Fifth Element comes to Prime with a colorful view of the 23rd century. Korben Dallas is thrust into the middle of it when Leelo, the fifth element and the only living creature capable of saving the entire universe, falls right into his cab. Leelo must combine herself with the other 4 elements to save the world from the great evil, but it's a taks much easier said than done.

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In Case you Missed it in August: Carnival Row

In a Victorian world a fairy and a human detective rekindle an old love affair. Mythical creatures are fleeing their war-torn homeland for the human world, bringing tensions as they immigrate. When a beast is uncovered behind a string of grisly murders, the entire city may errupt in violence.

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Best movies and TV on Amazon Prime Video

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