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In this week's selection of films and shows on Amazon Prime, criminal defense attorney Billy McBride and his team take on the case of a 16-year-old accused of a gruesome double murder. follows several stories about characters dealing with different aspects of love and loss, and examines our relationships with memories and objects that we share with each other. Finally, humanity once again finds itself under threat, but this time that threat comes in the form of one of our closest allies, Optimus Prime himself.

Goliath - Season 2

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Attorney Billy McBride takes on a new case, returning to the world of criminal defense for a double murder, of which McBride is sure that his 16-year-old client is innocent. As McBride and his team visit the grimy underbelly of Los Angeles, the true murderers begin to come to the surface, something that could have consequences for the city's mayoral race and its most powerful real estate developer.


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This film follows a series of interconnected characters to reflect on themes of love, loss, and memory, exploring how we can derive meaning from the experiences and objects that shape our lives and share with one another.

Transformers: The Last Knight

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The world finds itself caught off guard when a brainwashed Optimus Prime, previously a hero to the planet, begins a destructive mission to find an ancient artifact that could restore his home planet of Cybertron at the cost of life on Earth. Friends gather to try to either save or stop Optimus as revelations about the Transformers' relationship to humanity, and about Earth itself, threaten to upend everything people thought they knew.

Looking ahead

Upcoming new additions to Amazon's Prime Video lineup begin with the Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island, in which a U.S. Marshal gets caught up in mind-bending events when a routine investigation takes him to an asylum for the criminally insane. There's also the second part of the first season of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, which continues the stories of Mouse, Moose, Pig, Dog, and Cat as they go on fun adventures with the humans that they love.

Shutter Island

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When U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels heads to an asylum for dangerous patients on Shutter Island, his investigation quickly spirals into something for which he was in no way prepared. As Daniels digs deeper into the asylum and his investigation unfolds, he unearths facts that could upend his world and change his life forever. Arrives June 26.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie - Season 1B

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Based on the series of children's books, the second part of this Amazon original series continues the stories of the lively anthropomorphic animals and the people they love. Follow along with Mouse, Pig, Moose, Dog, and Cat as they have fun and go on adventures with one another. Arrives June 26.

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