CBS All Access has tons of content for you to get lost in. It's hard to pick a single show as the best one — Especially since there are so many options, with a little bit of something for everyone, available at the tip of your fingers. That's why I've gathered a list of the top 10 shows on CBS All Access. Get the popcorn ready, folks. It's time to binge watch some shows!

★ Featured favorite: Strange Angel

Science, drama, sex — and an old-school flavor of "this is all taboo" about everything I just mentioned. In this show, a pair of scientists have a goal of building a rocket that will take men to the moon, but one of them ends up stuck in the web of a sex cult that's taking over his world. This show is perfect from all angles. From the scientific breakthroughs to the intense story that only gets spicier with each episode, you're bound to be sucked into the story and get hooked.

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A series of "What if?": The Twilight Zone

Welcome to another dimension of entertainment. The Twilight Zone functions like Black Mirror because each episode is a new story with different issues that may or may not be possible in our universe. The show dips into the concept of "What if?" and leaves you questioning what happened each time the credits roll.

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Who's in charge?: Interrogation

A common feat amongst villains who are too smart for their own good is their desire to turn their deeds into games. Interrogation revolves around a criminal mastermind whose set bombs across the city and tasked the local police force with playing his games in order to find and defuse them.

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No "good" cop here: No Activity

No Activity revolves around a police precinct with a handful of completely incompetent cops. These cops have a goal of proving that they're more than just donuts and coffee, but face a few hilarious failures along the way. This show is a perfect mix of raunchy and hilarious, making it perfect to watch while you're decompressing from a hard day of work.

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Political drama: The Good Fight

Retirement won't save you from Hell when you work from the government, and it especially won't when your boss is arrested for fraud— causing your entire retirement fund to be held hostage during an investigation. The Good Fight means fighting for what's rightfully yours. The Good Fight means not letting anything get to you while you kick ass and take names.

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Horror tales: Tell Me A Story

Tell Me a Story is a twisted take on the childhood stories you grew up on. There is no such thing as innocence here when old-time classics like The Three Little Pigs are now notorious murders. Nope. Now they're the darkness of your worst nightmares. This series is the perfect suspencful-horror you've been waiting for.

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Cause of the break: Why Women Kill

A housewife in the 1960s. A socialite in the '80s. A lawyer in 2019. All of them have a lot of things in common. Strength, perseverance, being an absolute queen, and an unfaithful husband. This show tells the tale of different women across the decades and how they handle this particular flavor of heartbreak.

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Fun filler and lore: Star Trek: Lower Decks & Star Trek: Short Treks

Lower Decks is a fun animated series and Short Treks is a live-action series. Both of them offer filler missions and different interactions between the Star Trek characters that add more to the series. Both of these shows are fun and entertaining for any Star Trek fan to enjoy during downtime!

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The in-depth tale: Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek: Picard is coming to CBS All Access sometime in 2019 and I couldn't be more excited. This series stars Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard and follows his life and discoveries. The timeline is set just after Star Trek: The Next Generation, making it a direct sequel!

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The prequel: Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery takes place about 10 years before the timeline of Star Trek: Enterprise and focuses around the crew on the USS Discovery. This series was created by Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman, starring a completely new cast and crew for this prequel series.

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Too many great options to choose from

In this article I only told you about my top 10 favorite shows and there's still plenty more where that came from. Not only does CBS All Access has a little bit of everything, but it offers enough genres for anyone to choose from.

My personal favorite is Strange Angel because it's the perfect mix of everything. It has dark humor, regular comedy, science, fantasy, drama, and well-paced storylines to keep my attention. As long as you're not afraid of a few "taboo" subjects (Maybe don't share this show with Grandma) I'm positive you'll love it too.

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