Best Remote for Amazon Fire TV CordCutters 2020

In this modern age of streaming video content, one thing has stayed the same in connection to our more analog TV past — and that's the remote control. While voice control is becoming more prevalent, at times, a physical remote is not only necessary but more comforting. This is why losing that remote for your Fire TV can be a bit unnerving. No fear, we have rounded up some of the best replacements for your lost remote.

Go to the source: Alexa Voice Remote (2nd Gen)

Staff pick

Not only can you get your Amazon Fire TV streaming devices from Amazon, but they also can sell you a replacement for that remote. The Alexa Voice Remote is a first-party device, so you can trust it's going to work best with their hardware. This version does have specific compatibility for only 2nd and 3rd gen devices, except it does work with the 1st gen Fire TV Cube.

$30 at Amazon

The original: Alexa Voice Remote (1st Gen)

Don't worry, should you have some of the original Fire TV devices and you have lost your remote — Amazon has your back there as well. This remote will take care of all the original Fire TV devices as well as the 2nd gen Fire TV Cube and Fire TV Stick, as well as the 3rd gen Fire TV. Now you can ask Alexa to queue up your favorite shows just like before.

$28 at Amazon

The do-it-all remote: Fosmon Mini Wireless Keyboard

When we say do it all — we mean it. This remote has a mini QWERTY keyboard, trackpad, directional pad, and even media controls. It works off of Bluetooth to pair with the Fire TV and allows you to type searches and navigate quickly. The remote is rechargeable and even has a backlit keyboard for easy viewing.

$26 at Amazon

Wave it from side to side: WeChip W1 Fly Mouse

This remote has some pretty unique features to it. Aside from the typical directional pad and selection buttons for getting around the Fire TV interface, it also has a gyroscope in it for using it similarly to the Wii controller. It even comes with a QWERTY keyboard for input, and the remote is rechargeable. Keep in mind this won't work with all Fire TV devices as a USB input is required.

$20 at Amazon

Buttons and more: Rii MX6 Fly Mouse

This remote from Rii has a more traditional form factor to it; however, there is more to it than meets the eye. You got all the familiar Fire TV remote buttons, plus a number pad, cursor navigation by remote gestures, and QWERTY keyboard on the back. The remote uses AAA batteries but shuts down when not in use to preserve energy. Your Fire TV device will need a USB port to pair with this remote.

$11at Amazon

Axis of control: ILEBYGO MX3 Mini Wireless Keyboard

This remote from ILEBYGO comes with 6-axis inertia sensors for gesture controls of the navigation for your Fire TV. Along with that, there is also your standard navigation buttons as well as a QWERTY keyboard for input. Also powered by two AAA batteries is the backlight for better visibility. A USB port will be needed on the Fire TV to use with this remote as well.

$14 at Amazon

Control is yours

When it's time to sit down and relax with your favorite shows on the Fire TV, the last thing you want to be hit with is that your remote is lost. So whether your remote is already gone and you need a new one, you'd like to get a back up for when the inevitable happens, or want a more robust style remote there is something out there for you.

If you were a fan of the remote you were most familiar with for your Amazon Fire TV then there's no better replacement than the Alexa Voice Remote (1st gen) or Alexa Voice Remote (2nd gen). However, if you'd like something with a little extra when it comes to controlling your Fire TV setup then look no further than the Fosmon Mini Wireless Keyboard with its backlight, QWERTY keyboard, and trackpad to give you the control you so desire.

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