Best Shows to Watch on CuriosityStream CordCutters 2020

With a library of more than 3,000 amazing titles, CuriosityStream offers a downright overwhelming selection of educational content — so much so that it's difficult even to figure out where to start! That's where we come in. Here, in our opinion, are some of the best shows CuriosityStream has to offer.

A Fantastical Journey: Stephen Hawking's Favorite Places

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Stephen Hawking is widely recognized as one of the greatest minds our generation will ever see. In this Emmy award-winning three-part series, we join the erstwhile genius as he takes us on a tour of some of his favorite locations in the universe. Along the way, Hawking brings up a ton of fascinating concepts like black holes, artificial intelligence, multiverse theory, and, ultimately, our eternal search for intelligent life.

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Science Meets Science Fiction: Living Universe

Are we alone? If intelligent life existed, what would first contact look like? These are the questions Living Universe seeks to answer, probing the minds of some of the world's leading space scientists and tapping into CGI technology for a sci-fi flair.

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Eat Well and Be Healthy: Prescription: Nutrition

We all know our diet influences our well-being, but just how much does what we eat play into how we feel? Prescription: Nutrition taps into the knowledge of doctors, chefs, and nutritionists to examine the link between food and longevity, mood, and overall physical health. It's just what the doctor ordered if you're looking to improve your

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Blast From the Past: Ancient Earth

What did life look like when dinosaurs still existed? If you're curious about the answer, then Ancient Earth is the series to watch. It's an exploration of the fantastical life that dwelt on our planet eons before the first humans set foot here.

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Best Original Series: Curious Minds

In many ways, Curious Minds is CuriosityStream's flagship series. It explores a downright staggering set of topics, ranging from human history to science and technology to the depths of the cosmos. It's just the thing to pique - and sate - your curiosity.

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Light up your life: David Attenborough's Light on Earth

From the skies to the depths of the ocean, bioluminescence is everywhere. Originally aired on the BBC, David Attenborough's award-winning documentary explores the world of bioluminescent life. In a beautiful and educational experience, Attenborough takes viewers through the origins and purpose of bioluminescence, as well as its connection with global warming.

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Picking the perfect vintage: Master of Wine

Follow the path some candidates and find out what it takes for them to obtain the distinguished title of Master Sommelier. The journey takes them on a path into beautiful vineyards, but not all of the adventure is as easy as sipping fine wines. Through interviews with Master Sommeliers, we get to see what is needed to earn the rank of Master.

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Gridiron glory: 4th and Forever: Muck City

This is a series that focuses on more than just what it takes to become a professional football player. It shows two communities in south Florida, which happens to produce more professional football players per capita than anywhere else in the world, come together to help the youth in their town gridiron dreams come true.

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The Truth Behind the Internet: Digits

The Internet is now one of the most ubiquitous technologies in the world, but where did it come from. How does it work, and what does the future hold? Digits seeks to answer these questions, exploring topics such as cybercrime and the Internet of Things in the process.

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Uncovering history: Pompeii: Disaster Streeet

The eruption of Vesuvius in 79AD wiped away an entire city in a matter of hours, and for the first time in 70 years, archaeologists are going back in. In this documentary, go inside previously uncovered areas to see new artifacts and DNA sciences as more insight is gained. Watch reenactments of what life was like in the ancient city for those unable to escape the blast.

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Peace and Love: The Woodstock Bus

Join the adventure as an artist, and an unexpected group works together to track down and restore an iconic Volkswagen bus from Woodstock known as Light. The bus has been lost for 50 years, and the team is crisscrossing American backroads, junkyards, and highways, hoping to find it in time for Woodstock's 50th anniversary.

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History Repeats Itself: Deep Time History

The past has a greater influence on us than you'd think. This series explores the rise of the human race, from the earliest days of civilization to the industrial revolution. Throughout, it examines how prehistory shaped what we've become today.

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Expanding Your Mind With CuriosityStream

What you see above is just a small selection of the titles available on CuriosityStream. They're what we believe to be some of the best shows the service has to offer. There's a lot more to the service than what you see here - so even if the list above doesn't quite pique your interest, there will very likely be something on CuriosityStream that does.

If you're looking for a thought-provoking exploration of our place in the universe and the development of artificial intelligence, definitely check out Stephen Hawking's Favorite Places. There's a reason the man has been recognized as one of the greatest minds of the 21st century. Check out Digits if you are interested in learning how this thing that affects our daily lives works — I'm talking about the internet.

CuriosityStream is full of documentaries and series that help to explain history from ancient villages and dinosaurs to the ever-changing science of DNA. So if one of our picks above doesn't interest you, don't worry, there are thousands of thought-provoking and educational choices on CuriosityStream.

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