Hulu has become a big part of the streaming solution for many cord cutters in the U.S. It makes complete sense when you consider all that Hulu has to offer, and how inexpensive it is to get in on the base Hulu package.

Getting started is easy, because you can get a free trial of Hulu to see everything it has to offer. You will get access to Hulu's huge on-demand catalog, including Hulu originals. Hulu with limited commercials is only $6 per month. Plus, you can choose to remove the commercials, add Live TV, or Premium add-ons whenever you'd like. No matter which Hulu plan you have, you deserve the best streaming devices to watch that content.

What makes a streaming device the best for Hulu? First off, it's got to be one of the best devices in general, with fast performance, an easy interface, and great app support.

It also needs to offer the best experience Hulu has to offer. Hulu's best app experience comes from their Latest app, instead of the older Classic Hulu app. The Latest app has a sleek interface, multiple profiles, Premium add-ons, and most importantly Live TV support. The Classic Hulu app is mostly just for older devices, such as early Roku and Apple TV versions from years ago. The only modern platform and high end device stuck on the Classic app is Android TV on Shield TV. We continue to hope that Hulu will make this right eventually.

The Latest app is available on all of our picks for, so you'll get the advanced design and features that make Hulu such an excellent service.

Best Living Room Hulu device

Apple TV 4K

One of the best overall

It's no surprise that our best streaming box for most people is here. Apple TV is simple, powerful, and runs the Latest Hulu app well. It's a bit pricey, but for your main entertainment system, it's worth it to spend a little more on something you'll use for hours daily.

Best Bedroom Hulu device

Roku Ultra

Simple, powerful, and popular with the Latest Hulu

Roku Ultra is the best Roku available. With all the features like 4K and HDR10 packed in, the Roku Ultra could just as easily power your living room setup too, unless you need Dolby Vision. This box will have no lag running the Latest Hulu app, plus a first class remote.

Best budget pick

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

Low cost solution for any TV in the house

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is a great budget option, with a fantastic mix of features and affordability. It supports the best standards of 4K, HDR, and premium sound. Plus, the lag of past sticks is gone when running apps like Hulu's Latest app.

Best for Hulu on-the-go

iPad (9.7 inches)

Big entertainment with a small price

Want to take Hulu everywhere you go? Your phone is great, but "treat yo' self" to the latest 9.7-inch iPad. You'll get a gorgeous, lightweight device with a killer screen, speed to run the Latest Hulu, and big battery for binging. Plus it can AirPlay or Chromecast onto TVs as well.

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