Best Streaming Devices to Replace Cable TV CordCutters 2020

These days, there's no reason to go forward and pay that high cable bill. There are so many options out there for streaming devices, and that can be a bit overwhelming when you think about it. The best one for everyone is the Roku Premiere, with 4K streaming and tons of options for streaming services. Here are some of the other best options out there to fit your needs and your wallet.

Best Overall: Roku Premiere


The Roku Premiere is a great option for just about anybody out there. It has a lot of streaming options available along with the free Roku Channel that shows a lot of local channels. The remote is easy to use, and the interface is straightforward to use.

There is also Google Home integration, meaning you can turn on your Roku or turn on Netflix or YouTube with just your voice. Although there isn't voice controls on the remote to search, you can use the free Roku mobile app and voice search that way.

The interface may be a little old school, but it's perfect if you're looking for something nice and simple to control. This is the perfect option for just about anyone. With its simplicity and the number of apps available, you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies easily.


  • Easy to use
  • Free streaming
  • Lots of services available
  • Voice control with mobile app
  • Google Home integration
  • Cheap price point


  • Old school interface
  • No voice control on remote

Best Overall

Roku Premiere

Get it all.

Easy to use and tons of options when it comes to streaming, there's no doubt as to why Roku won our hearts with this 4K option.

Best Value: Amazon Fire TV Stick


With the Amazon Fire TV stick, you get quite a few great things out of it. With voice controls on the remote and Alexa smart home integration, it can make your life a bit easier. Also, the price point makes it even more acceptable.

One of the other perks of the Fire TV stick is the fact that you can connect your Bluetooth headphones so you can enjoy your 4K content without disturbing others. You can also purchase add-ons with the stick, like the Echo Dot or Recast.

The selection for channels is not as grand as Roku, and it gears a lot of its advertising towards Prime subscribers to get you to subscribe as well. If you don't mind looking past that or if you already have Amazon Prime, then this could be the device for you.


  • Voice control on remote
  • Alexa smart home integration
  • Ability to connect Bluetooth headphones
  • Inexpensive
  • Add ons available


  • Geared towards Prime subscribers
  • Slim channel selection

Best Value

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Perfectly inexpensive.

4K video is the way to go, and Amazon has been able to deliver that with the beauty that is the Amazon Fire TV stick.

Best Powerhouse: NVIDIA SHIELD TV


If you're looking for a strong performing streamer that doubles as a gaming console, the NVIDIA SHIELD is where it's at. With GeForce Now, you're able to transform this machine into a PC gaming rig. It supports some of the biggest and best games out on the market, such as Fortnite.

You can also integrate this into your Google Home ecosystem, allowing you to turn on the device with your voice. You can search for games or movies with voice control on the remote as well, making it quick and straightforward to get to some of your favorites. However, Android TV is very limited on apps, so you may not be able to enjoy everything on this device.

If you don't mind shelling over a lot of money on this streamer, it's a great option, especially for gamers. Being able to play PC games on your Shield as well as integrate it into your set up smart home environment makes it a great option. Not to mention, this machine runs beautifully and will make your show experience wonderful.


  • Incredible performance
  • GeForce Now
  • Google Home integration
  • Voice control


  • Expensive
  • Least expansive with apps

Best Powerhouse


Stream it and weep.

If you're into gaming or even binging your favorite shows, this is the perfect streaming option for you and your streaming needs.

Best for Apple Users : Apple TV 4K


Apple products genuinely are high quality and worth the price, and the Apple TV 4K is no different from the lineup. With Siri's voice search and many apps to choose from, there's nothing you can't enjoy with this option.

The 4K video quality, along with Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 surround sound, make this a perfect choice for any home theater set up. It is also impeccably fast, with an A10X Fusion chip for great graphics.

Although you really can only purchase this if you have an Apple product and a good chunk of change in your pocket, it's still a perfect option. It's fast, it's pretty, and it's well supported, so it's an excellent choice for any Apple lover.


  • Quick performance
  • Voice search
  • Tons of supported apps
  • High-quality picture and sound


  • Only connects with Apple devices
  • Expensive

Best for Apple Users

Apple TV 4K

Apple ecosystem.

Being invested in Apple's ecosystem makes you want to continue to build on that. Pick up the Apple TV 4K to complete it all.

Best Simplicity: Google Chromecast Ultra

If you're looking for an easy-to-use device, it doesn't get much simpler than the Google Chromecast Ultra. You're able to cast just about anything from your phone by plugging your dongle directly into your TV. The device takes up no space, just one small port.

The 4K video quality makes this a perfect option for someone who is looking to get the best quality out of a simple device. Although there is no TV interface or voice control remote, you can integrate this into your Google Home set up to play shows.

Google Chromecast Ultra is as simple as it gets, with controls all from your phone and the use of your Google Assistant if you need voice controls. Add on the added space you'll have on your entertainment system and the high-quality video, and you've got yourself a deal.


  • Google Home integration
  • Phone control
  • Uses no space
  • High-quality streaming


  • No TV interface
  • No voice contol remote

Best Simplicity

Google Chromecast Ultra

Easy peasy.

This simple dongle makes it easy to cast your favorite shows and movies from your phone straight to your TV.

Best Dual-Purpose: Amazon Fire TV Cube

This device doubles as an Alexa speaker, meaning you can use it to control your TV as well as your home devices. You can turn on your TV with your TV streaming device, which is neat. It also comes with a voice control remote, so you can use that for any searching you may need.

Not only are you able to control just about anything with this streaming device, but the video quality is also absolutely beautiful. With 4K quality, you can see almost every little detail, and the pictures are crisp and clean. However, this particular interface is geared towards Amazon's Prime subscribers, with ads literally in every crevice.

If you don't mind this product taking up a lot of space, this is a great choice for anyone, especially Amazon lovers. With smart home integration and a built-in Alexa speaker, you can control almost anything with this device. Enjoy the video quality and control anything from the comfort of your living room.


  • Alexa built-in speaker
  • 4K videos
  • Voice controls
  • Smart home usage


  • Large device
  • Geared towards Prime subscribers

Best Dual-Purpose

Amazon Fire TV Cube

Why not have both?

With this Alexa built-in speaker that doubles as a streaming device, this is the perfect choice for anyone with Alexa integration.

Bottom line

There are loads and loads of devices to choose from, but we've narrowed it down to the best of the best. The best one out there is the Roku Premiere which has loads of streaming services, and the free app allows you to voice search. It's perfect for everyone since it's not a specific brand like Apple or Google, so it has the most available apps.

Even if that one doesn't cut it for you, there are other great options on this list that are perfect for you. Whether you're brand-specific, or you're just looking for something with a little more power, you'll surely be happy with whatever you choose. Pick up your favorite product, and stop paying that outrageous cable bill.

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