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What to Watch on Hulu this week

This week's selection of movies and TV shows on Hulu starts with the second season of Hulu original series Future Man, in which Josh, Wolf, and Tiger head to 2162, only to find out that their mission of the previous season didn't work, with Stu Camillo now in power and planning to relocate humanity to Mars. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back with its sixth season premiere, with Jake and Amy heading off on their honeymoon and Captain Holt finally learning if he has become the new commissioner of the NYPD. Finally, in the latest episode of The Good Place, the gang navigates the actual good place for the first time, as Michael finds himself tested by the governing body of the Good Place, Jason struggles with his feelings, and Chidi surprises Eleanor.

Future Man - Season 2

Picking up in 2162 after the events of the first season, Josh, Wolf, and Tiger learn that their mission to prevent the cure from getting out was unsuccessful. They find that Stu Camillo is now in power, and is working on a plan to relocate humanity to Mars. In order to take Stu down, a mysterious organization known as the Pointed Circle tries to recruit Josh, but questions arise as to whether they can be trusted.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Honeymoon

The Nine-Nine is back on a new network, ready for an all-new season of hilarious police hijinks. Fresh off of their romantic wedding, Jake and Amy head off on their honeymoon, while Captain Holt finally learns whether or not he has become the new commissioner of the NYPD.

The Good Place - The Book of Dougs

Having stabilized Janet's void, Team Cockroach works to find out why no one has gotten into the Good Place in over 500 years. Michael finds his resolve tested inside the Good Place, while Jason struggles with his feelings and Chidi surprises Eleanor.

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Later this week on Hulu will see the addition of a number of movies and shows, beginning with the mid-season premiere episode of A Million Little Things, in which in which Delilah starts leaning on Katherine even more after getting some bad news, and Maggie, despite Gary's protests, decides to run the Suicide Prevention 5K. The second full season of Brockmire sees the titular baseball announcer head to New Orleans for triple-A play-by-play, while his self-destructive habits remain firmly intact. Finally, in the film Stella's Last Weekend, brothers Jack and Oliver reunite when their mother plans a party to celebrate the life of their beloved family dog, who is set to be put to sleep.

A Million Little Things - Secrets and Lies

Delilah once again leans on her friends after receiving some troubling news, ironically turning to Katherine most of all. Maggie insists on running the Suicide Prevention 5K with the rest of the group, despite Gary's protests about her health. Arrives January 18.

Brockmire - Season 2

Former MLB announcer Jim Brockmire heads to New Orleans to become the play-by-play announcer for the AAA Crawdaddy's. In a new city and regretting it, Brockmire tries to adjust to his surroundings, attempts to get a new MLB job in Atlanta, and goes on multiple benders. Arrives January 18.

Stella's Last Weekend

When their beloved family dog, Stella, must be put to sleep, brothers Jack and Oliver reunite for one last weekend celebration with their mother and Stella. Planning for the event takes a left turn when Jack and Oliver discover that they're in love with the same woman. Arrives January 18.

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