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This week's selection of movies and TV shows on Hulu, delve into the lives and work of a team planning the first manned mission to Mars and the struggles they and their families face in the effort to become the first colonists on the Red Planet. Henry Dever tries to unravel the mysteries that plague the town of Castle Rock and in particular, his family, and what it all has to do with his mysterious client. Finally, con artist Letty Raines balances trying to be a good mother with indulging her darker side and her relationship with a dangerous but charming hit man.

The First - Season 1

In this original drama series, follow the lives of five astronauts, who have been selected to be the first humans to set foot on Mars. In addition to showing how the team prepares for the historic mission, the series explores the struggles they and their families face, and the cost of making history, and the challenges of taking the first steps towards interplanetary colonization.

Castle Rock - Romans

The events fo the past season come to a head in the finale as Henry Dever confronts his client over the disasters that have struck the town lately, and that have impacted Henry, in particular. As the season draws to a close, Henry and the other characters get to the mysteries at the heart of the dark little town of Castle Rock, Maine.

Good Behavior - Season 2

Letty Raines is a thief and a con artist who lives her life on the edge, constantly flirting with disaster. After Letty falls in with a charming hit man, the pair engage in a passionate and dangerous relationship that pushes both of them to their limits.

Coming Soon

Upcoming additions to Hulu's lineup start with the film Sacrifice, in which a couple finds the body of a girl after moving to the Shetland Islands, only to discover that the girl's death may have a link to an ancient local legend. There's also the documentary This Is Home: A Refugee Story, which follows four families from Syria as they are settled in Baltimore, and have to integrate their live. Finally, you can catch the film Love After Love, which follows a woman as she tries to move on from her husband's death as her sons' lives start falling apart.


When a couple moves to the Shetland Islands off the coast of Scotland, thy uncover a dark mystery near their new home when they find the body of a girl whose skin has been carved with runes and who is missing her heart. Ignoring warnings to leave the body alone, the couple find that it could be tied to an old local legend. Arrives September 20.

This Is Home: A Refugee Story

This documentary examines the issues faced by several Syrian refugees. Follow four separate families from Syria that have been settled in Baltimore, Maryland as each tries to navigate the unique challenges that they face now that they've arrived in America, from dealing with immigration officials to the language barriers they encounter in everyday life. Arrives September 20.

Love After Love

After the death of her husband, a woman makes efforts to move on and explore new beginnings as her sons begin to see their own lives fall apart. Arrives September 22.

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