Hulu is always adding new movies and TV show to its roster, including an ever-expanding lineup of original shows. Here's what you should be watching this week!

★ Featured favorite: Preacher - Season 2 - May 21

Preacher is based off of a phenominal DC comic book series that's now been brought to the big screen. Join actors Dominic Cooper, Joseph Gilgun and Ruth Negga for this epic story of an alcoholic, chain-smoking preacher who stumbles upon otherworldly power. Now he has to not only understand how to wield his new gift, but face a new type of horor in this world.

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May 23: MasterChef Celebrity Family Showdown PART TWO

We all love a good cooking competition, and Chef Gordon Ramsay never lets us down. These challenges take place in the MasterChef Kitchen where Ramsay, Aarón Sánchez, and Joe Bastianich will judge their contestants (both celebrity and family members alike) to see who will win. Per usual with celebrity challenges, the winners aren't competing for themselves, but for charity!

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May 23: Baywatch: Complete Series (Fremantle)

A classic remastered! Instead of its original specs, the Baywatch series is now watchable on a 16:9 widescreen at a higher resolution! This remastered series features all of your favorite original stories, but also 350 new songs throughout the series!

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May 26: Morning Glory (2011)

Here's a comedy to take your mind off the stress of the world. Morning Glory revolves around a woman named Becky, who becomes an executive producer at a famous morning-show in New York City.

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Hulu's available list of shows and movies is always expanding with new options. Each week we update this article with the best of the upcoming titles and let you know what you should be getting hype to watch! Check in with us every Tuesday after you finish your work grind. We'll be here waiting with popcorn and candy. 🍬

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