Hulu is always adding new movies and TV show to its roster, including an ever-expanding lineup of original shows. Here's what you should be watching this week!

★ Featured favorite - July 5: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Complete Season 13

It's never a dull moment in Philadelphia when you have people like Mac, Charlie, Dennis, Frank, and Dee running around. On July 5 a new season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia releases to Hulu and it's full of a raunchy, embarrassing, and extremely ridiculous sense of humor.

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July 5: Amazing World of Gumball

The Amazing World of Gumball is perfect for adults and kids. The humor of the show is fast-paced, fun, and random. There are modern-day topics thrown into it for flavor, but it mostly revolves around the mindset and troubles that an everyday middle schooler faces.

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July 1: Hoarders

Nothing is more addicting to me than seeing something trashed become clean again. Hoarders is a show that revolves around people who have ruined their homes by collecting both items and trash until it becomes too dangerous to inhabit. A team of experts come in to save the day, but the addict isn't always willing.

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July: Project Runway Season 12

Sixteen designers from around the world are hand selected and put against each other for a fashion competition. Each episode features a new challenge given to the designers by their judges Heidi Klum, Nina García, and Zac Posen. Watch creativity flow and sewing machines fly with season 12!

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