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What to Watch on Hulu this week

This week's selection of movies and TV shows on Hulu starts with with the documentary Bad Reputation, which follows the life and career of the legendary Joan Jett, founder of The Runaways. In the latest installment of the Into the Dark film series, two strangers must work to get out of a stuck elevator, as what initially promised to be a romantic accident quickly turns sinister. Finally, check out the complete second season of Legion, as mutant David Haller and his allies work to stop Farouk from finding his original body and gaining access to world-ending power.

Bad Reputation

Get a look at the life and career so far of the iconic Joan Jett, from her early years onstage and her founding of The Runaways, to her solo career and enduring presence as a pioneer of rock and mentor to new artists.

Into the Dark: Down

The latest installment of the Into the Dark series collaboration between Hulu and Blumhouse mixes romantic comedy and horror in a twisted Valentine's Day tale. Two office workers, one looking forward to the long weekend, one trying to make a flight, find themselves trapped together in an elevator. While the situation at first seems to a romantic connection, it quickly turns horrific as both parties reveal more about their real selves.

Legion - Season 2

Since he was a teenager, David Heller has struggled with mental illness, what doctors assumed was schizophrenia. Revealed to be. a powerful mutant, David and his newfound team must face off against Farouk, another powerful mutant who seeks to destroy the world.

Coming Soon

Later this week on Hulu will see the addition of a number of movies and shows, starting with the Valentine's Day special for Letterkenny, in which the Matchmaker returns to the small frozen town to host a speed dating event. In the second season of Zac & Mia, the titular pair, now finally a couple, face new obstacles that put their relationship to the test. Finally, check out the complete second season of False Flag, as three ordinary people have their lives turned upside down by an explosion at a public ceremony.

Letterkenny - Valentime's Day

The town of Letterkenny is home to just 5,000 people, divided into three groups: the Hicks, the Skids, and the Hockey Players. All three are often at odds with one another over what seem to be truly petty matters. In the latest special, the Matchmaker returns to Letterkenny to host a speed dating event. Arrives February 14.

Zac & Mia - Season 2

Zac and Mia were both young patients in their local hospital's oncology ward, but aside from that, they had nothing in common. As their time in the ward went on, the pair developed feelings for one another. Now finally a couple, Zac and Mia both encounter new difficulties that put their relationship to the test. Arrives February 14.

False Flag - Season 2

An explosion during the inauguration ceremony for the first oil pipeline between Turkey and Israel kills several government officials and turns the lives of three ordinary citizens upside down. All three people were initially at the ceremony, only to leave before the explosion took place. With their names released publicly as key suspects, their lives and those of their loved ones are torn apart. Arrives February 14.

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