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What to Watch on Netflix this week

In this week's Netflix selections, a Rwandan lawyer, orphaned during the genocide, decides to dig into her past, with consequences for her and those around her. In a kingdom ravaged by corruption and famine, rumors of the king's death spread around the land, leaving the crown prince the only one who can take care of his people. Finally, Kimmy Schmidt's story comes to a hilarious and heartwarming close, including a Sliding Doors-esque double episode which shows how the characters' lives would have gone if Kimmy had never been kidnapped.

Black Earth Rising

Kate Ashby, a Rwandan woman raised in London by her adoptive mother after being orphaned during the genocide, works to discover the truth about her past in this limited thriller series that examines the relationship between the Western world and the continent of Africa.

Kingdom - Season 1

Inn a kingdom worn down by corruption and famine, rumors spread of the king's death. Now, the crown prince of the nation becomes his people's only hope as a mysterious plague begins to spread over the land.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - Season 4, Pt. 2

The series comes to a close in its final set of episodes, as Kimmy needs to make a decision between helping her friends, or helping someone that she's never put first before: herself. This last set of episodes wraps up the show in hilarious and moving ways.

Coming Attractions

As always, this week on Netflix sees a new set of shows and films hit the service, starting with the first season the original series Russian Doll, in which a woman continually dies and comes back on the night of her 36th birthday party, forcing her to relive the night over and over. You can also check out the original film Velvet Chainsaw, which takes place in the Los Angeles contemporary art scene and centers on an art critic, a gallery owner, and an ambitious assistant who decide to steal a recently-deceased artist's work with disastrous consequences. Finally, in The Edge of Seventeen, Nadine, a lonely teenager, is upset to find out that her best friend is dating her older brother, who already overshadows Nadine at home and at school.

Russian Doll

When Nadia dies during her 36th birthday party, she wakes up to find that she is reliving the night over again. As she continually dies in a myriad of ways, only to reappear at a specific point in the party, Nadia gets increasingly creative in her efforts to move past that one night while staring down the barrel at her own mortality. Arrives February 1.

Velvet Buzzsaw

In this satirical thriller set in the contemporary art scene of Los Angeles, where a feared critic, opportunistic gallery owner, and ambitious assistant decide to take a recently-deceased artist's collection of paintings with dire consequences. Arrives February 1.

The Edge of Seventeen

Nadine is having a bit of a rough time. Already overshadowed at school and home by her more popular brother, she is devastated when her best friend starts dating him. Feeling alone everywhere she goes, Nadine begins to find that her problems might not be as original as she thought. Arrives February 1.



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