This article is updated every week to show you the best titles to watch until next week! Netflix is always adding new movies and TV shows to its catalog, and we'll bring you the best of what to watch and what's coming each week!

★ Featured favorite - October 4: Raising Dion: Season 1

Raising Dion is a new show about a very special little boy. One who is being raised by his mother after something happens to his dad, and who has special abilities. With his life in danger, and the government tracking people with special powers, Dion and his mom will have to work together to keep him safe.

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October 4: Big Mouth: Season 3

Big Mouth returns for its third season and things are changing more than ever. This time the girls are fighting back against toxic masculinity, the boys are trying to get a hold over their hormones, and it seems like The Fab Five might even be making an appearance!

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October 1: Nikki Glasser: Bangin'

Nikki Glasser returns to the stage with a brand new hilarious stand up special. This time she's talking about her childhood, sex, and plenty more in a raunchy set that will have you laughing in no time.

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October 1: House of the Witch

Every neighborhood seems to have one house that's abandoned, creepy, and pure fodder for urban legends. In this neighborhood it's a gigantic old place that strangely still has power. So of course a bunch of kids decide to break in and party for Halloween, but once they're inside they realize it might be more than urban legends that keep people away from this place.

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There's always more on the horizon

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Netflix's available list of shows and movies is always expanding with new options. Each week we update this article with the best of the upcoming titles and let you know what you should be getting hype to watch! Check in with us every Tuesday after you finish your work grind. We'll be here waiting with popcorn and candy. 🍬

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