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What to Watch on Netflix this week

In this week's Netflix selections, we mysterious figure known only as The Curious collects stories of dark magic, wishes gone wrong, and errant technology. Nick, Andrew, and their friends deal with new crushes, battle the Shame Wizard, and more. Finally, a couple, trying to cope with fertility issues, welcome their niece into their home as she prepares to head back to college.

Creeped Out - Season 1

In this spooky anthology aimed at kids, a mysterious masked figure known only as The Curious collects stories of dark magic, interdimensional portals, well-meaning wishes gone awry, misbehaving technology, and much more.

Big Mouth - Season 2

We once again follow Nick, Andrew, and their friends as puberty continues to wreak havoc on their brains in this animated series aimed at adults. This season, the gang pursue new crushes, mix it up with the Shame Wizard, and even try a little pot for the first time.

Private Life

Rachel and Richard, a couple struggling with infertility and trying to keep their marriage together, find themselves surprised by a visit from their niece, Sadie, who arrives at their place as she prepares to head back to college. As their fertility struggles grow more desperate, Rachel continues to consider multiple options, while Richard begins to wonder if he even still wants a child.

Coming Attractions

As always, this week on Netflix sees a new set of shows and films hit the service, starting with the original film Apostle, which follows a drifter as he's tasked by his father with finding his sister after she has been kidnapped by a murderous cult in 1905 Britain. In the second season of the original animated series The Boss Baby: Back in Business, the Boss Baby leads Baby Corp in its efforts to maintain its dominance over cuteness, attempting to fend off a new rival that's rearing its head: old people. Finally, in the original horror series The Haunting of Hill House, a fractured family relives memories of their childhood home, and the events that eventually drove them from it.


In this original film, a drifter is sent by his family to a remote item in order to find his sister, who has been kidnapped by a group of murderous religious cultists. ON the island, the man encounters horrors and pain the likes of which he has not conceived. Arrives October 12.

The Boss Baby: Back in Business - Season 2

We once again follow the Boss Baby as he brings his older brother inside the secret world of Baby Corp, where infants try to keep themselves on top as the most loved thing in the world. When old people threaten that dominance, Boss Baby, Tim, and the Baby Corp crew band together to come up with a solution to their cuteness problem. October 12.

The Haunting of Hill House - Season 1

Moving between past a present, this Netflix original series explores the lives of various members of a family and the dark memories of their childhood house, which was occupied by malevolent supernatural forces that drove the family from the home and fractured their relationships. Arrives October 12.



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