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Have you been itching for some of the most entertaining drama and comedy on television rolled into one show? You better pick up the phone and call Saul Goodman! This legal drama is unlike any other, and now it's returning for the penultimate season. Here's all you need to be ready for season five, and watch Better Call Saul online & without cable.

What is Better Call Saul?

For those not in the know, Better Call Saul is a prequel TV series for the groundbreaking show Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad told the story of criminal culture, family drama, and a man pushed to the limits by his own terrible and desperate behavior, centered around the character of Walter White. While Better Call Saul has a distinct style all its own and a different central character, we still find the same themes of crime, family drama, and terrible but desperate behavior by a flawed main character.

The season five finale of Better Call Saul airs at 9 p.m. on Monday, April. 20, 2020. The episode is called "Something Unforgiveable", so we know this tense season is going to finish up BIG! Get a brief glimpse at how things might wrap up with Jimmy, Kim, Mike, Nacho and Lalo in this brief preview from AMC.

In Breaking Bad, we have already seen the third act in the life of criminal defense lawyer Saul Goodman, who is himself very much a criminal. In Better Call Saul, we see the first two acts of his life as Jimmy McGill, and his spiral into becoming Saul Goodman. The tense moments and amazing drama of Breaking Bad clearly stuck around, with creator Vince Gilligan heading both series, but Better Call Saul has many more funny and ridiculous moments than the series from which it was spun off.

How did we get here in Better Call Saul?

Now we get to, as Professor River Song would say in Doctor Who, Spoilers!

In the first four seasons of Better Call Saul, we see Jimmy McGill balancing his life between caring for his brother, Chuck McGill, as he deals with a mysterious illness and life as a struggling lawyer. Jimmy travels from a public defender law practice based out of a back room in a nail salon to a prime office in a high end law firm, before eventually ending up on his own. Along the way he starts a class action lawsuit that could change his life, and crosses path with some of the criminal underworld of New Mexico. At each point, the changes in Jimmy are small and subtle, but they build.

Get caught up on last season with this Better Call Saul Season 4 recap.

Jimmy's world is closely intertwined with Kim Wexler, a talented and hard working lawyer in her own right. She starts her own journey at the firm built by Jimmy's brother, and moves on to become partners of sort with Jimmy while starting her own practice. Kim shows an incredible skill as an attorney, and a strong ethic on doing the right thing. However, she struggles with an addiction to Jimmy, even as his bad behavior brings as much chaos and trouble as it does love in their on again, off again relationship.

Many other Breaking Bad characters show us their backstories in this series, with the common throughline in that world as former cop Mike Ehrmantraut. We learn more about the drug trade from characters like Tuco and Hector Salamanca, Gus Fring and even Lydia Rodarte-Quayle. Better Call Saul is an excellent show on its own, but it also brings an amazing level of additional depth and understanding to the already legendary Breaking Bad.

How to watch Better Call Saul Season Five

New episodes of Better Call Saul air on AMC. One of the easiest ways to get AMC without cable is with a Live TV streaming service. There are five Live TV streaming services that include AMC, with a variety of price points and some free trials available. Take a look at the options and pick the one that's right for you.

Fubo TV

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  • Better Call Saul on Fubo TV: Yes, Fubo has AMC.

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Fubo TV may have started with a sports focus, but they've branched out to so much more. Get AMC on Fubo and watch the latest from the Breaking Bad universe.

Sling TV

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Catch a glimpse of what's to come in this Better Call Saul Season 5 trailer.

AT&T TV Now - Plus Plan

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Phil is a service after Jimmy McGill's own heart.

Philo is a lesser known Live TV streaming service, but the more people find out about it the more they like. Give Philo a try, and catch the latest from the world of Saul Goodman.

How to watch past seasons of Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad

The previous four seasons of Better Call Saul are available on a variety of streaming services. Subscribers can binge all four seasons of Better Call Saul on Netflix, as the service just added season 4 of Better Call Saul on Feb. 11. If you prefer to buy individual seasons, you can get Better Call Saul on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play. Each will cost about $15 per season, and you can buy individual episodes too.

Amazon Prime Video

Mike Ehrmantraut says you'll use Amazon if you know what's good for you.

Amazon Video is a great place to buy all your favorite TV shows by the season or by the episode. Amazon makes it easy to watch your shows everywhere.


From Apple to Albuquerque

Apple was a pioneer in selling episodes and full seasons on TV series for you to own digitally. New they offer a full catalog of Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould's great legal crime series.

When do new episodes of Better Call Saul air?

New episodes of Better Call Saul are on AMC, with first showings on Monday night's at 9 p.m. Eastern. Of course, AMC will replay episodes throughout the week, and have them available on-demand and in the AMC app for subscribers.

Will there be a sixth season of Better Call Saul?

Yes, according to Variety, AMC has renewed Better Call Saul for a sixth, and final season. The creators are planning to use season five and six together to craft a fitting end to this season. It's natural to think that the end of Better Call Saul will resolve the story for characters we didn't see in Vince Gilligan's original series in this world, and provide a natural transition into the times of Breaking Bad.

How to watch Better Call Saul from anywhere, even outside of the United States

Jimmy McGill understands your situation. You're ready for the show's season premiere, but maybe you scheduled yourself to be in Mexico meeting with the Don. That could mean that you have limited options to see Better Call Saul live and online. That's because streaming services often block their feeds if you're not in America. However, your streaming subscriptions don't have to get stopped at Customs.

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