Best answer: No. The Amazon Fire TV Cube has other Alexa commands and skills, but it lacks a few features including Drop In, calling, and messaging. You can get a very similar setup with support for Drop In and calling from the Fire TV Stick 4K with Echo Dot Bundle.

The Fire TV Cube has lots of Echo features

The Amazon Fire TV Cube aims to combine into one box the streaming capabilities of the Fire TV lineup with the skills of Alexa from the Echo line of devices, so the Alexa features on the Fire TV Cube are very similar to those on an Echo.

However, they aren't identical. You still have the ability to play music or flash briefings, check the weather, ask questions, or, of course, shop on Amazon. Some of the differences between the Fire TV Cube and the Echo devices are TV-specific additions. On the Fire TV Cube, you can ask Alexa to change channels, launch apps, and fast forward or rewind as you watch streaming content.

It lacks some features, including Drop In

Some Alexa features from the Echo line did not make it onto the Fire TV Cube. Drop In (the feature that lets you instantly connect with your other Echo devices) is not available to use on the Amazon Fire TV Cube. This is because the calling and messaging features of Alexa aren't available at this time on the device. The Fire TV Cube also doesn't support multi-room music or voice control for Bluetooth connections.

A Drop In-ready alternative

If you're looking for a balance in your living room of Fire TV streaming features and everything Alexa has to offer, you also should consider the Fire TV Stick 4K and Echo Dot Bundle for $80. The Fire TV Stick 4K remote has voice commands, along with IR controls for your TV volume, and the Echo Dot can offer the calling and messaging features you want, including Drop In support. Plus, this combo is Phil-Approved!

Our pick

Fire TV Stick 4K with all-new Echo Dot Bundle

Two great products that go great together

This bundle lets you deck out your living room with 4K HDR streaming, an upgraded remote, and all the skills of Alexa. Having it in a bundle, instead of a cube, also helps you to save money.

All In One Option

Fire TV Cube

TV that's hands-free

If you want Fire TV and Alexa in one small package, get the Fire TV Cube. With a dedicated speaker, long range microphones, and a voice remote, the Fire TV Cube provides a clean way to do almost everything you'd expect.

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