The Weather Channel on DirecTV Now

Best answer: Yes, The Weather Channel is available on all DirecTV Now streaming plans.

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DirecTV Now is one of the few services that carries The Weather Channel

Getting rid of cable or satellite TV means making a few compromises about which channels are available. And one of the major channels you'll need to think about is The Weather Channel. As it stands today, The Weather Channels is only available on three streaming services — DirecTV Now, FuboTV, and HDHomerun Premium.

DirecTV Now carries The Weather Channel on all of its streaming packages. (Save for its Spanish-language package.) So you'll be able to watch The Weather Channel on DirecTV Now whether you have its $40-a-month plan, or its $75-a-month plan.

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DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now is the second-most popular streaming service, as determined by the number of subscribers. It has four standard plans (each building on the one before it), ranging from $40 a month on the low end, to $75 on the high end.

DirecTV Now is a very cable-like experience. You pick your plan and have all your channels in one place. It also has add-on channels such as HBO. It's available on pretty much every piece of hardware you own, as well as on the web. AT&T Wireless subscribers also have incentives to go with DirecTV Now, including monthly discounts and free add-on channels.

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