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It's going to be really interesting to see what happens to Hulu with Live TV. It's probably the live TV service that's had the most potential because it now falls under the Disney umbrella, and there's now a killer Disney+/Hulu/ESPN+ trifecta that means more folks than ever will be signing up for Hulu in the first place, and therefore we should see more folks adding on the live TV service.

But on Nov. 15, 2019, Hulu announced a price increase for its Live TV service. The basic Hulu plan still costs just $6 a month. But Hulu With Live TV now runs $55 a month. And if you want that and want to get rid of most advertising on the back catalog of shows, it'll run you $61 a month.

On one hand, those new prices most certainly remain competitive, especially when you consider you're getting so much more than just live TV.

On the other hand — nobody likes a price increase.

So if you're looking to jump ship and get rid of Hulu With Live TV, you'll need some options. Here's what we'd recommend taking a look at:

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Fubo TV

You'll be forgiven if you've not heard of Fubo TV before. It's one of the newer streaming services and definitely doesn't have the name recognition of the others. But what it does have is a pretty decent list of live channels.

And where Fubo TV really stands out is with its sports offerings. It's lacking ESPN, but it's got other options that you can't find anywhere else. And Fubo TV is one of the only ways to watch any live sports in 4K resolution in the United States.

Fubo starts at $55 a month for the basic service (and before any of the add-ons). And for $75 a month you can upgrade things to more than 100 channels.

Sports fans

Fubo TV

Live TV — plus sports in 4K!

Fubo TV has as competitive a live lineup as just about anyone. But where it really starts to shine is with its sports coverage. It's missing ESPN, but it's got a wealth of other sources for sports and is one of the only ways in the United States in which you can watch sports in 4K resolution.

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Sling TV

Sling still is one of the least expensive ways to watch Live TV. It's also as close as you can get to having a true "a la carte" service, wherein you only pay for the channels you watch.

For $30 a month you'll get either the Sling "Blue" or Sling "Orange" plan. (You can get both for $45 a month.) From there you'll add on the "Extras" — packages that include things like more sports channels, or more news channels, or various entertainment channels. It's not quite a la carte, but it's closer, and it lets you build your own lineup better than any other service out there.

Almost a la carte

Sling TV

Pay for what you want, mostly

Sling TV is the most popular streaming service — and it's as close as you can get to only paying for the channels you want. You'll still have to pick a basic package, and then choose from its myriad add-on services.

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Philo TV

If you just want the basics — and only the basics — and don't want to pay too much for them, definitely check out Philo TV.

This one's pretty simple. It doesn't have all the major channels you'll find elsewhere, but it does have a surprisingly decent lineup for just $20 a month.

You really can't find a cheaper deal on live TV anywhere.

Easy does it


Philo makes it simple

One plan. One list of channels. Nearly five dozen channels. And all for just $20 a month. Philo's about making things easy — and not drowning you in choices.

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AT&T TV Now is the 500-pound gorilla in the room. It has more available channels than any other service. Its plans start at $65 a month (and that includes HBO, which AT&T now owns) and can go all the way up to a whopping $135 a month if you just have to have all the channels.

And there's an added twist here — if you've got an unlimited plan with AT&T Wireless, you can save a ton of money and even get some stuff free. (That'll vary a little and is subject to change, of course.)

So, yeah. If you're an AT&T subscriber you should definitely take a look here.

AT&T's offering


Lots of options

AT&T TV Now — formerly known as DirecTV Now — has the most channels of any of the services, and it's got a bevy of plans from which to choose. They range from $65 a month all the way to $135 a month.

YouTube TVSource: CordCutters

YouTube TV

Google's live TV service is one of our favorites to use because it's so simple. One monthly fee of $50, tied to your Google account. One list of channels. Just a few add-ons (including Showtime and NBA TV and Fox Soccer Plus), and that's it.

Plus YouTube TV has unlimited cloud-based DVR, support for multiple profiles, and works well on just about any hardware you have.

Google's best

YouTube TV

One plan, one price, unlimited DVR

YouTube TV almost is a joy to use. It's got a simple on-screen guide, unlimited DVR, free secondary accounts, and all the unlimited DVR you can eat. (Please don't eat a DVR.) And you get all of its channels for a single monthly price, with premium add-ons available.

PlayStation Vue

What about Sony's live TV service? It's going away in January 2020, so it's no longer an option. Sorry, folks.

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