Channels has been a staple for the HDHomeRun crowd on iOS and Apple TV for a while, but gradually the app has stretched its wings and made its way onto Android TV and Amazon Fire TV. The latest update is what the developer is calling the "great unification release," where the newer versions are no longer playing catch-up.

Part of that is lots of little bits of UI polish so the experience is as close to identical as it can be across the different platforms. It might be hard to spot but the developer is confident you'll feel it when you dive in and you're using Channels.

The more major part of unifying the apps is that all of them now have access to Channels DVR. This is an $8 additional subscription, but now it's entirely cross-platform. Browse your guide and schedule a recording on your iPhone, start watching on the Fire TV and then finish up on your iPad in bed. (All you need is the local storage somewhere on your network.)


Channels DVR is a pretty slick service and you can record something while watching something else while also having support for season or team passes.

Unless you don't like purple, Channels continues to be one of the most refined applications to use with an HDHomeRun, and all of this is still classed as a maintenance release. There's some big things in store, and that's the really exciting part. This is just the beginning.

Head on over to Channels' little home on the web for more and to get started on the various different platforms.