Channels is an excellent third-party app for HDHomerun OTA streaming boxes. And it's also been a fairly expensive app, running $25. Today, though, the company announced a new app — Channels DVR — which is free to download.

That'll get you a free month to try things out before actually subscribing to the DVR service, which is $8 a month or $80 a year. (That saves you $16.)

If you don't need DVR service (which still requires you to bring your own hard drive or NAS, too), you can still just purchase the legacy Channels app. They're exactly the same, only one is free with the DVR service and gives you the first month gratis. If you've already paid for the legacy Channels app, it'll continue to work just fine.

Potential new customers just have more options is all.

Download Channels DVR on the Apple App Store
Download Channels DVR on Google Play
Download Channels DVR on Amazon Appstore

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