Comcast xFi Pods

Home networks are the key to any good streaming experience. And these days it's all about mesh networks. Oversimplified, that's moving away from a single wireless router to multiple points spread throughout a home. And today Comcast announced that its xFi Pods are available for purchase.

A three-pack of pods runs $119. A six-pack — for homes with 5 bedrooms are more — runs $199.

These don't work on their own, though. First, you'll need to be a Comcast subscriber. Second, you'll need an xFi Wireless gateway — specifically the Arris TG1682G or Cisco 3941T — or an xFi Advanced Gateway such as the Arris TG3482G or Technicolor CGM4140COM.

After that? It's just a matter of plugging things in and setting them up.

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