One of the smartest things I've done with my whole cord-cutting setup is to do an over-the-air antenna, and to do it up right. Sure, you can go the cheap route. You can grab a $20 antenna that sticks to your wall or window, plug it in, and hope that it'll do its thing. But that's not the right way to to it. No, for that you're going to need just a little more money, and a little more work. But that's a one-time expenditure of each, and now I have all the local channels I need, and they're all coming in clear.

For more about over-the-air antennas, I sat down with Jerry Hildenbrand (@gbhil), who knows a thing or three about this sort of thing. We go over what kind of antenna to get, the best way to mount it, and how to figure out which direction it should be pointing.

And here are some more handy links to get you started.

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