Best answer: Yes, you will be able to stream Criterion Channel on your Roku device when it launches on April 8th.

Criterion Channel will be on your Roku device

When this streaming service launches, you will be able to enjoy it on all of your Roku devices. Whether you have it pre-installed on your TV or you have a streaming stick or box, you can enjoy all the classics that Criterion Channel has to offer.

All you have to do is download the app, which you can do directly on the device itself or on the Roku website under your account. Just remember that you'll have to wait until launch day to get started.

What exactly is Criterion Channel?

Criterion Channel is a streaming service that brings its users classic and contemporary films for them to enjoy. Whether you're looking to expand your film knowledge or you already consider yourself a film aficionado, this service will bring you classics from all around the world for your film-watching pleasure.

This service launches on April 8, but you can pay a bit of a cheaper price if you sign up before that date. Sign up today and only pay $11 per month or $100 a year for this wonderful service.

See It

Criterion Channel

The classics at your fingertips

This streaming service is a great way to watch all of the best contemporary and classic films from all over. You can enjoy all the films they have to offer by paying monthly or yearly for the subscription.

Stream It

Roku Streaming Stick

Stream it up with Roku without breaking the bank

Roku Streaming Stick is a great way to stream tons of shows and movies right from your own living room. Although this stick is not in 4K, it will allow you to enjoy the classic films the way they were intended.

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