Best answer: Yes and no. CuriosityStream features a limited selection of titles you can view without registration and a one-week free trial. Beyond that, it costs $3 per month for high definition and $10 per month for 4K Ultra HD.

CuriosityStream isn't free, but you get what you pay for

Developed by the founder of The Discovery Channel, CuriosityStream has been referred to by many as the Netflix of documentaries. It features a library of over 2400 documentaries starring some of the greatest thought leaders in the world. Whether you want to learn about the natural world with David Attenborough or school yourself on science and physics with the likes of Stephen Hawking, you'll find something on the service that piques your intellectual curiosity.

The documentaries featured on the service are drawn straight from top studios including NHK, the BBC, and ZED. CuriosityStream also produces original, in-house documentary content. You can access all of this content free of charge for one week.

Signing up for a CuriosityStream subscription

Once your trial expires, access to high-definition video costs $3 a month. 4K Ultra HD streaming is also available at $10 per month - both less than a Netflix subscription. These subscriptions are both available on a contract-free basis, but you get a pretty huge discount for paying annually - at the time of writing, it costs $20 per year for HD and $70 per year for UHD. CuriosityStream also offers corporate subscriptions for business owners.

Watching CuriosityStream without subscribing

If you'd rather not pay, CuriosityStream does offer some content for free through the CuriosityStream Showcase, which currently features 18 titles. The trade-off is that Advertisements support Showcase. CuriosityStream also offers a limited selection of ad-free, sponsored content via ADT.

CuriosityStream can be viewed in your web browser, and even has a Chrome extension available. It supports both Android and iOS devices, as well as Xbox One. You can also stream documentaries through Chromecast, Amazon TV and Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Amazon Kindle.

HD and Ultra HD content


Your money's worth

CuriosityStream might not be free, but you get what you pay for. For a small monthly fee, you'll gain access to more than 2400 high-quality documentaries.

No sign-in required

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