DirecTV Now

AT&T announced its third-quarter earnings, which means we get a glimpse into the numbers behind a whole lot of things. But for our purposes here, it's DirecTV Now that we're really interested in.

Here's what you need to know:

  • DirecTV Now saw 49,000 net additions in the third quarter.
  • That should take its total subs to about 1.84 million subscribers.
  • AT&T's entertainment group still saw a net loss of 346,000 "traditional video" subscribers. The satellite arm of DirecTV certain makes up a big chunk of that.
  • AT&T confirms that it's beginning to "beta test a new streaming video device."
  • That new device has been known since the spring, but exactly what it will be — and why you'd want a box from AT&T instead of, say, Amazon or Roku — remains to be seen.