PlayStation 4

Best answer: No. PlayStation Vue is independent of Sony's streaming console. You do not have to have a PlayStation device to watch live TV with PlayStation Vue.

PlayStation Vue does not require a PlayStation

The confusion is not all that surprising. PlayStation — the hardware — is Sony's longtime gaming platform. It's currently in its fourth generation (the PS4) and is a great option for gamers.

But a PlayStation console is not required to watch PlayStation Vue. In fact, you can watch PSVue on most modern hardware. Apple TV, Android TV, Roku — you get the idea. The one standout exception is Xbox. You cannot watch PlayStation Vue on Xbox. (Which isn't all that surprising given that Microsoft is in direct competition with Sony on the hardware front.)

Our pick

Roku Streaming Stick+

A good go-to Roku device if you want 4K and HDR on your television. (And you do.) And it handles PSVue just fine.

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