In this bold modern Doctor Who, which started back in 2005 to continue the original British franchise for a new audience, I am constantly reminded of something showrunner Steven Moffat said a couple of years ago.

science fiction is all about rules, you can't just casually break them

It's worth pointing out that Moffat himself broke the biggest rule of the show he was running shortly after making this statement, as The Doctor regenerated a 13th time. That was supposed to be a big no-no, as historically Time Lords became less stable as they regenerated more and were more difficult to self-regulate their considerable abilities and technology. Yet here we are, Season 11 of Doctor Who, getting ready to greet a 14th regeneration. And this time, it's clear that isn't the only rule being broken.

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Brace yourselves, the 13th Doctor is a Woman

She may not be ginger, but Jodie Whittaker is the most exciting regeneration The Doctor has ever had because she is a she! Every regeneration of The Doctor to this point has been male, but things are shaking up this season. We've known for a while it was possible for Time Lords and Ladies to change genders upon regeneration. It's been references in the show several times, and in the last two seasons we've seen The Master transform into Missy to spectacular effect.

Naturally there are some not quite as excited about the change as others, but if you've ever seen Jodie Whittaker in anything you know she's going to be bringing something special to the role.

New... screwdriver?

The last couple of regenerations for The Doctor have resulted in a new Sonic Screwdriver to use as the catchall to get out of just about every situation. Like Time Lords, the Sonic Screwdriver has had a few rules of its own. One of those rules has been design, the Screwdriver in the new versions of Doctor Who have all been very gadget-like shafts with colorful lights at the end. We've seen future versions of the Screwdriver have vague things like "the red settings" and even work on wood, which as a running joke the Screwdriver hasn't been able to do.

This new screwdriver doesn't even look like it's been finished being made, much less resemble previous Screwdrivers. The handle is partially curved, the color emanating from it is yellow-white instead of blue or green or red, and the top looks fascinating in the way it has been exposed. It almost looks like she ripped that thing off of one of her enemies, which is kinda great.

New companions

Every version of The Doctor almost always has a Companion. Usually a human who keeps The Doctor grounded, focused on the things that are important, but not always. Early on, The Doctor traveled with family. Sometimes the Companion has their own epic story, one time that story even became its own spin-off show, but the connection between The Doctor and the Companion is always important. In the last couple of regeneration, a common thread between Doctor and Companion has been some level of sexual tension. This was finally toned down in the last season with an older Doctor and the younger Bill, but the thread had been there for a while.

This new Doctor is getting three Companions, and they're all very different. There's a lot of fun to be had with so many companions, not the least of which is possibly (finally) having enough hands to properly pilot the TARDIS instead of forcing the heart of the ship to do most of the work. Either way, having this many people on board for weekly adventures is going to be a huge departure from the way Doctor Who has operated since the 2005 regeneration.

Get excited!

Season 11 of Doctor Who is expected to hit some time in October, just in time for most of a season and a Christmas Special with this amazing new cast. Are you excited?

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