Amazon Fire TV Stick

Best answer: While there is no official YouTube app, you can watch YouTube on the Amazon Fire TV Stick in a browser like Silk or Firefox for Fire TV.

Amazon: Fire TV Stick 4K ($50)

No Official App

When you search the Amazon TV Appstore, you won't find an official YouTube app. That wasn't always the case. Back in January of 2018, Google removed the previously available YouTube app from all Fire TV devices in response to how Amazon doesn't carry YouTube products. However, you can still watch YouTube on a Fire TV Stick.

Use a Browser Instead

You can watch YouTube on an Amazon Fire TV Stick by opening in a browser app like Silk or Firefox for Fire TV. Simply open the browser of your choice, and enter into the address bar using the on-screen keyboard or your voice remote.

The version of YouTube that you'll see is formatted for TVs. This will make it easier to navigate using your Fire TV Stick remote. It will still allow you to sign in and access your subscriptions and suggestions. It's just not as handy as an app would've been.

Bookmark It For Later

You can make it easier to open YouTube in the Silk browser on Fire TV by adding a bookmark.

  1. Open the Silk Browser and go to
  2. Hit the menu button on your remote.
  3. Select the star icon to add the bookmark

Now you can use the menu button to view your bookmark for faster access.

Our pick

Fire TV Stick 4K

4K in a small package

Amazon now offers a Fire TV Stick with faster internals, Dolby Vision support, and volume controls on the Voice Remote. It lacks an official YouTube app, but support for YouTube on TV browser apps can fill in the gap.

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