Best answer: No, you will not be able to stream Criterion Channel using Chromecast.

Not happening

Unfortunately, it looks like Criterion Channel will not be supporting Chromecast when it launches on April 8. There's no statement posted on its website, so we can safely say they will not have it on the service. However, things are always bound to change, and Criterion will surely add more devices in the coming months or years (as every streaming service has done).

Although they may not support Chromecast, you can always check it out on your Android TV or Android device. Try it out on your Chromebook or maybe your Pixel 3 XL, if you're into those weird larger phones.

What devices are supported?

The devices that Criterion Channel supports are actually quite impressive. Along with iOS and Android devices, it also supports streaming on Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV as well as any desktop device.

Although Chromecast didn't make the cut, you can still watch it on your Roku device. Roku is a great alternative that has a lot of options for streaming, including Criterion Channel. It's not necessarily Apple or Android, so it's a perfect middle ground.

What's Criterion Channel all about?

Criterion Channel is a service that allows you to watch over 1,000 different classic and contemporary films from all around the world. If you'ew interested in puirchasing, you can get the service for $11 a month or $100 a year. Once you invest into the streaming service, you can cast classic movies right to your Chromecast.

They have tons of classic films to choose from that will please everyone in the family. Whether it's a thriller you're looking for or maybe a bit of a rom-com, there is something for everyone on Criterion Channel.

The Service

Criterion Channel

A great watch to enjoy indie classics.

With loads of indie movies to choose from, you'll be able to watch a new movie almost every time you log in. They cycle in new movies daily, so you can see tons of classics from all around the world.

The Best Choice

Roku Streaming Stick Plus

A good alternative that saves a few bucks

Roku Streaming Stick Plus allows you to download different apps for specific channels to enjoy your shows. With a voice command remote and TV controls, it's your one-stop-shop for movies and shows.

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