Best answer: No, the HDHomeRun Servio does not have a TV tuner built-in or included. You will have to purchase one separately from SiliconDust to enjoy your live TV.

Just for storage

As disappointing as it may be to have to purchase another device, you will still save more buying your Servio and a tuner than you would on cable. To be able to bring live TV to your home at hardly any cost, you'll be glad you went ahead and put the money towards these devices. Although you're adding another device on your list, it will still help you limit the number of devices you would need overall, and the boxes are simple to hide.

The Servio is what gives you the ability to record shows, store them, and watch them later. With the DVR ability, you can go ahead and save up to 300 hours of recorded shows before you're out of space. You do have to pay $35 per year for the service, but it's much cheaper than the monthly cost from your cable company.

How to set up your Servio

Now that you're looking into the Servio, or you've already purchased it, you might be wondering how you can set it up. During the setup, you will have to purchase their DVR service. Thankfully, SiliconDust has made it relatively simple, so there are three steps to go ahead and get going.

  1. Plug into your internet router.
  2. Go to my.HDHomeRun.com.
  3. Enable DVR service for your Servio.
  4. Start recording and saving your favorite shows.

Once you get this all set up, you'll be able to start saving shows, sports games, and movies right to your device. Once these are saved, you can watch them from any device in your home. You can even pause it in one room and start it from that exact spot in another room.

The HDHomeRun revolution

HDHomeRun is a great option if you're looking to save money in different ways. With just investing in a tuner and storage like the Servio, you'll be able to cut monthly costs tremendously. This will still bring you live TV similar to what you would be able to get through your cable company. From local channels to network ones, you can enjoy all your favorite shows without much sacrifice. Don't forget to check out what channels they have available for your area.

The way that HDHomeRun works is it uses the over-the-air antenna waves to pick up some of your favorite channels. With local ones included along with channels like CBS and NBC, you'll be to stay up-to-date on all the news and great TV shows out there. They also have several different tuners to fit every lifestyle, so make sure to look at their selection, and see what option might be the best for you.

Save Up

HDHomeRun Servio

Save everything.

The HDHomeRun Servio is the perfect companion to enjoy your shows, present or future. If there's something you know you're going to miss, you can record it and save it right on this device. With 2TB of storage, you and your housemates can save all your favorites with no worries.

Binge Watch

HDHomeRun Connect Duo

Live TV, low cost.

If saving money on your cable bill is your dream, you came to the right place. Your HDHomeRun Connect Duo can help you save money every month by bringing live TV right to your home.

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