Best answer: Yes, you can get HDHomeRun on your Roku, but in a limited beta form.

Roku, but limited

You will be able to get the HDHomeRun app on your Roku device, but you won't be able to have access to everything right away. Some key things will be missing with this beta app, such as HDHomeRun Prime and the ability to DVR shows. The announcement of the beta got everyone excited since Roku was the only device without support so far.

If you search for the HDHomeRun app on your Roku device, you'll be able to find the beta version and add it to your device. With this and an HDHomeRun box, you can stream live TV from that device at any time. As long as the device has MPEG-2 and has software version 9.0 or more, this beta will be available to you.

Get the whole scope on the beta app with this CordCutters article by Phil Nickinson.

What does HDHomeRun have to offer me?

HDHomeRun has tons of live channels to choose from, including network TV channels and more in your local area. You'll be able to have access to different channels like NBC, ABC, and more regarding your local channels as well. You can also stream this to several devices, depending on what kind of box you have. Whether you need something like the Connect Duo with just two devices or maybe you need more room for the family with the Quatro, HDHomeRun has many different options for you.

You can see what channels HDHomeRun offers in your area as well as compare boxes to see which one best fits your lifestyle.

When will the full app be released?

SiliconDust has yet to announce when the full app will be released, but the beta is an excellent show of what the full app can do. Although there is not Prime access or DVR, you can still see the full range of channels you have access to as well as the quality of the app. When you get yourself familiar with it, it'll be easy to get used to the newly available features once it fully launches.

CordCutters will be the one place to keep you up to date on the release of the full app. Keep an eye on updates to our article about the beta to make sure you know right when it is out.

The four amigos

HDHomeRun Quatro

Stream on four devices.

With this HDHomeRun device, you can spread the love of live TV to four different places. Whether you share with your roommates or you watch live TV while cleaning the house, you can do it all with HDHomeRun Quatro.

Small but mighty

Roku streaming stick

Can't even tell it's there.

Roku streaming stick is a perfect little dongle that gives you all the love of Roku in a small device. With tons of apps and the ability to have live TV, you can enjoy your Roku with HDHomeRun as well.

The whole deal

TCL Roku Smart LED TV

Everything you need in one TV

If you're looking to cut down the cords, the Roku TV is going to be your very best bet. Not only is it a great TV, but you can stream all your favorite live shows from your TV.

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