Filmmaker modeSource: UHD Alliance

What you need to know

  • Several TV manufacturers have announced that Filmmaker mode will feature in upcoming models.
  • It turns off motion smoothing on your TV.
  • It also helps preserve aspect ratio, frame rate, and color.

Several big-name TV manufacturers have confirmed that 2020 models of their TVs will feature Filmmaker mode.

Several outlets are reporting that nearly all the main players in TV tech will be adding Filmmaker mode to at least some of their lineup this year. Filmmaker mode was announced by the UHD Alliance, various studios and manufacturers in the middle of last year. In case you missed it or have forgotten:

Filmmaker Mode will disable a lot of the junk that tends to show up on TVs — particularly the scourge that is motion smoothing. That's the "feature" that throws in extra frames and gives everything that weird soap-opera look. Filmmaker Mode also will preserve aspect ratios, colors and frame rates. Cordcutters - August 2019

So who's in? According to Variety, LG says that ever new 4K and 8K TV it introduces in 2020 will feature Filmmaker Mode, and Panasonic will feature the tech in its 2020 OLED HD 2000. More upcoming Panasonic sets will also support it.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Samsung, TP Vision, and Kaleidescape will all include Filmmaker mode. As noted by FlatpanelsHD, LG's Filmmaker mode will be able to automatically recognize movie content through metadata in the signal and ask users if they want to switch. VIZIO has also confirmed Filmmaker mode is on the way. The only notable absences are Sony and TCL, who have not commented on their future plans.

The only other important thing to note is that Filmmaker mode is not going to be retrofitted to existing TV models through some kind of over-the-air update, it's only available in new, upcoming TV models.