While it's easy to cut the cord and get national TV networks on your television with apps like Sling, YouTube TV, and more, sending local channels from an antenna to a smart device requires a bit more work. If you live in the Amazon ecosystem, things are about to get a lot more exciting thanks to the Fire TV Recast.

Your local TV antenna plugs into the Recast which can be placed anywhere so that you get the best signal possible. The companion app will help with the setup process so that things run as smoothly as can be, and once you've found the perfect spot, the antenna sends its signal through the Recast which then beams your local TV channels to your Amazon Fire TVs and Echo Shows.

The Recast is capable of recording two or four shows at a time and allows you to stream your channels to multiple devices at once.

The base model of the Fire TV Recast comes equipped with two tuners and a 500GB DVR. Pre-orders for it are live today at $229. Amazon's also got an upgraded variant with four tuners and a 2TB DVR, but pricing and availability details on it are TBD.