Might John Krasinski be the best Jack Ryan since Alec Baldwin? Wendell Pierce the best Jim Greer since James Earl Jones? Or are falling victim to the hype that inevitably envelopes such a storied reboot? (Even if this something like the sixth incarnation of the Jack Ryan character?)

Whatever. Amazon is getting really good at making compelling shows, and the classic Tom Clancy franchise is maybe ready for something fresh. (Especially since the author's death and the continued money grab of the newer books.)

Now we've got our first full trailer. There's a lot going on here. It definitely doesn't look like it'll be as subtle as the character in the books. Not as flawed. Maybe more confident, though. More explosions. Because of course there are more explosions.) More terrorists.

And more Wendell Pierce.

The new Jack Ryan lands Aug. 31 on Amazon Prime Video.

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