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Just give me a reason

You may have heard of ESPN+, but maybe you don't know enough to decide on subscribing. Maybe you're a CordCutter who's been thinking about adding more sports to your streaming setup. Maybe you're just about ready to subscribe, but need to find that perfect reason to click that button.

A free trial of ESPN+ might be just what you need, since you'll get seven days free for new subscribers. If you're still on the fence, we've got a few reasons why you might want to consider a subscription.

1. ESPN+ shares your passion for soccer

It only takes one glance at a list of live sports offered on ESPN+ to know the service is a footy fan's paradise.

ESPN+ is now the official home of Major League Soccer (MLS) live streaming with every out-of-market game included. Fans of International football leagues will find their cups overflowing, with games from English, European, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Indian, Australian and Chinese leagues.

ESPN+ is a footy fan's paradise with games from across the globe.

In fact, ESPN+ is the exclusive home of the FA Cup broadcasts in the U.S., with over 70 matches from a huge collection of clubs, including Premier League and EFL Championship teams. They will even carry the FA Community Shield match, pitting the FA Cup winners against the Premier League title holders. Your devices will be bursting with goals every month of the year.

2. College sports galore (and beyond the power conferences)

ESPN+ is also a great way to go on-campus without needing a visitor's parking pass. The service offers more than 200 college football and over 2,000 college basketball games, including agreements with teams like Kansas and conferences from the Big South, Conference USA, Ivy League, and MAC.

The service also goes beyond the stadium and arena, with over a dozen other sports including aquatics, baseball, lacrosse, soccer, hockey, and track.

Where ESPN+ shines is when you really want to watch your school, but it isn't a power team or in a conference. I attended Cornell and UMBC, and I love watching them even though they rarely get featured spots on national broadcasts. With ESPN+, for about the cost of a set of single-game tickets, I can watch every UMBC Athletics game over multiple sports. Don't worry UMBC Athletics Twitter, I'm still coming to see the banners in person this year.

3. You want a mix of live pro games nearly every day

You may be a CordCutter who has been without sports for years. If you just subscribe just to Netflix or Hulu, you could have little or no access to live sports outside of your antenna reception. Maybe you're interested in adding some live sports to your daily viewing but not at the minimum $25 a month for a live TV streaming service like Sling Orange (to get the ESPN cable channels).

You get live sports for only $5/month, which is nothing compared to Sling TV's $25/month subscription.

Instead, for $5 a month, you can have live pro games almost any day of the year all in one place. The free daily games from Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League alone cover almost the entire year. When you add in over 200 NBA-G League developmental basketball games, featured holes and groups all four days at PGA events including the PGA Championship and the previously mentioned professional soccer, you can find enough live games to satisfy your tastes for a low price. Just prepare to be open to variety.

4. You are a fan of International or emerging sports

ESPN cable networks get a lot of attention and ratings in part for bringing the biggest leagues to viewers, like the NFL and NBA. If you are a fan of international or emerging sports, like cricket or UFC, the lack of live events or coverage on the big networks can leave you feeling ignored.

This is another area where ESPN+ thrives. Starting in 2019, the service will feature 20 exclusive UFC event nights per year as part of the subscription, and allow you to add on pay-per-view events in the app. Fight fans will also enjoy over 50 nights of boxing events each year.

International sports fans will find four different rugby leagues and two cricket leagues along with GP3 Series auto racing. Fans of international sports will even get in on American football action, as ESPN+ is the streaming home of the Canadian Football League (CFL).

5. ESPN Films, including every 30 for 30

Games aren't everything, even on a sports streaming service. ESPN+ makes it easy to slow down and be captivated behind the scenes into the locker rooms and beyond the gameplans.

ESPN+ has original series focusing on major sports figures telling dynamic stories, including LeBron James, Peyton Manning, and Duke Basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski. It's also is home to the entire catalog of 30 for 30 documentary films. I'm partial to The Band That Wouldn't Die about my hometown Baltimore Colts band living on without its NFL team, but the entire catalog of over 100 full length and short form docs have something for any sports fan. That includes the Academy Award Winner for Best Documentary: OJ Made in America. Binging this miniseries alone can make the free trial, or a months subscription, worth it

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For ESPN+, sports without cable is the main reason

ESPN+ offers so much content for sports fans of different seasons. In the U.S. or abroad, or in the arenas, stadiums, pools, fields, and locker rooms, ESPN+ goes deep to create wide appeal.