Best answer: Yes, FuboTV works with all Amazon Fire TV hardware. Your best choice is the company's $50 Fire TV Stick 4K, which supports a variety of audio/video formats that take advantage of the sports-centric streaming service's UHD offerings.

Futureproof with an unbeatable price

The Fire TV Stick 4K model is your best option when streaming FuboTV via Amazon hardware. This small, unobtrusive dongle can fit in just about any home theater setup and it supports an impressive list of modern audio and video formats. This includes 4K video playback with HDR, Dolby Vision, HDR10+, and Dolby Atmos audio.

This is also an excellent choice for anyone heavily invested in Amazon's ecosystem.

What about the other Amazon devices?

Amazon has a family of Fire TV hardware vying for a connection with your television but its latest 4K streaming stick outshines its siblings for several reasons.

Despite its lower $40 price tag, the company's entry-level Fire TV Stick's maximum video resolution is 1080p HD. For $10 more, Amazon's 4K model Fire Stick supports full 4K video with high dynamic range. FuboTV is currently adding to its list of live sports broadcasts in ultra-high definition, which is the best way to watch any athletic contest. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra 10 bucks.

The Fire TV Stick 4K is less than half the price of Amazon's $120 Fire TV Cube and it offers all the features you need to enjoy FuboTV at its very best. Go ahead and use that extra $70 towards the first month of FuboTV and snacks for your first 4K soccer match.

What you can expect

FuboTV's Fire TV app is like a decent piece of cake — it's light, fluffy and easy to digest. Menus are in a simplified grid setup with an emphasis on text and large images. There's no way you'll not know which show or network you're watching. As for navigating the app, subscribers can sort content by category: sports, shows, movies, and an old-fashioned guide are available to help you find things to watch. These options, along with access to the service's DVR, are all located at the top of FuboTV's interface.

If you're checking out FuboTV for the first time, packages start at $45 and include several sports networks like NFL Network, NBA TV, Fox Sports, Fox Soccer Plus, and CBS Sports Network (as of right now, FuboTV doesn't offer ESPN. That's on a separate app). One of FuboTV's major selling points is 4K playback for select sports. Channels that support UHD programming will be labeled with a 4K badge when browsing the service's guide.

Our pick

Amazon Fire Stick 4K

The best way for Amazon loyalists to experience FuboTV

The Fire Stick 4K is Amazon's most balanced offering. The device is affordable, inconspicuous, powerful and most importantly ready for the future of streaming media.

Play ball


The best streaming service for sports enthusiast

FuboTV is currently the best way for cord cutters to watch sports. Whether it be played on a field, court or rink, just about every type of sport is here and sometimes available in magnificent 4K.

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