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Those of us of a certain age are no stranger to Star Wars merch. We remember the T-shirts. The toys. The screen-printed glasses we'd buy from a fast-food joint. The coloring books. The book books. The fan fiction.

Basically if you're a child of the '80s, you couldn't escape Star Wars merch. And while it never really went away, we're entering a whole new chapter of Star Wars merch, thanks to one thing: Baby Yoda.

No, it's not actually a baby Yoda. Because the show he's from — The Mandalorian on Disney+ — occurs about five years after Return of the Jedi, in which — spoiler alert — Yoda himself dies, because he's something like 900 years old. But being that we don't know what specices dude was, here we are. With Baby Yoda.

Anyay. He's the cutest thing we've seen since, well, ever. Can't get enough of him. The memes. The gifs. And somehow Disney+ launched without proper merchandise ready to go.

That's finally changing, though, and there's absolutely no reason to go through life without having a Baby Yoda Funko of your very own. These things are going to be HUGE this holiday season. If you don't order one now, there's a pretty good chance anybody and everybody is going to sell out of this Baby Yoda thing by the time you've finished reading this post. So go ahead and skip down to the bottom and click the preorder link. Never mind the fact that we don't know where the story is going. Dude could turn out to be some evil Empire Nazi spy for all we know. And never mind the fact that we're talking preorders not expected until May 2020.

There's a standard Funko-sized Baby Yoda on the way — and also a "near-lifesize" 10-inch model. Swoon.

The official word from Funko goes something like this:

Embrace the cuteness of the newest Star Wars character by pre-ordering Funko's "the Child" Pop! in both standard size AND a near-lifesize 10-inch version! He may look like a Baby Yoda, but this lovable creature is referred to as "the Child."

Inspired by the Disney+ live action series The Mandalorian, this adorable little alien is a perfect addition to your POP collection. Always at the forefront of pop culture, Funko is excited to announce the item will be available for shipment in early Spring with additional details to come.

So, anyway. We're all a little obsessed around here. And Walmart has the Baby Yoda Funko for less than $10.


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Baby Yoda Funko

Shut up and take my money

Look at your children. Then look at Baby Yoda. Now do it again. Yes, he's just as cute as your kids. Maybe more so. Buy one now.

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