U.S. Sen. John McCain U.S. Sen. John McCain. (Credit: HBO)

HBO has announced that its documentary on U.S. Sen. John McCain — John McCain: For Whom The Bell Tolls — will make its debut at 8 p.m. EDT on May 28. (Yep, Memorial Day.)

The doc is directed and produced by six-time Emmy winner Peter Kunhardt, who also did Jim: The James Foley Story and King in the Wilderness for HBO.

From HBO:

Following more than 31 years of public service, the six-term senior Arizona senator agreed to participate in the film shortly after being diagnosed with brain cancer, providing unprecedented access to his daily life in Washington, D.C. and Sedona, Arizona. The film features interviews with family, friends, colleagues and leading political figures such as former President Barack Obama, former Vice President Joe Biden, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Senator Joe Lieberman and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

Mesmerized at 12 years old by Ernest Hemingway's "For Whom the Bell Tolls," Sen. McCain has used the book as a guide for his life. This sweeping account draws on his own voice, culled from original interviews, commentary and speeches, archival newsreel and television footage, and previously unseen home movies and photographs. Recounting everything from his years spent as a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War to running for president, the documentary paints an important portrait of an American maverick who has never lost courage and has kept his eye on America's most important goals.

John McCain's life is a story of triumph, defeat and resilience — Six decades of, in his words, "imperfect service to my country," in which the mistakes he made were redeemed by the risks he took and the sacrifices he made for the county he loves.

McCain, a Vietnam War hero and longtime senator from Arizona, announced in 2017 that he was undergoing treatment for an aggressive brain tumor. He since has announced that this would be his final term in the U.S. Senate.