Every now and then — usually once a year or so — you might see a crawl at the bottom of your TV telling you about how a contract dispute could cause you to lose a particular channel, and that you should call one of the parties involved to let them know just how badly you want your service to keep said channel. It's like clockwork, really. Unfortunately, that problem hasn't really gone away in the streaming TV world. Channels come and go — you might recall Sinclair stations disappearing from PlayStation Vue, for instance.

Now upstart HDHomerun has taken a little bit of a hit, with eight channels suddenly disappearing from its HDHomerun Premium service. Subscribers recently found that Hallmark, Discovery Channel, HGTV, TLC, Food Network, Animal Planet, Travel Channel and OWN had disappeared from the $35-a-month subscription service. SiliconDust, which owns HDHomerun has said in its forums (as well as to us directly) that it's due to an "upstream contract dispute." SiliconDust uses a company called Omniverse One World Television to power the HDHomerun Premium service, which integrates directly with the HDHomerun tuners to create a one-stop shop for true over-the-air channels and streaming services.

HDHomerun launched in beta in August 2018 with 45 channels for that monthly $35 fee. The company says it's issuing $10 credits "to everyone, new and old" until the dispute is resolved.

Thanks, Matt, for the heads up.



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