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You can never have too many tuners when it comes to networked TVs. I mean, picture it. You've got one antenna, four TVs, and a house full of people who just want to watch the game. Do you really want to tell them you can only watch on two TVs at once?

That's the dilemma solved by HDHomeRun Quatro, which sports four tuners. That means you can watch up to four things at once on four different devices. Four is twice as many as two — all in the same small footprint, I might add — and now all your guests are happy.

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Amazon Prime Day 2019

That bring us to today's news. It's Amazon Prime Day, where all sorts of things hit deep discounts. The fine folks at SiliconDust have dropped the price of the HDHomeRun Quatro to $99. We've seen it that low before, and it's a great price for a great box that lets you pluck all that sweet free over-the-air TV out of the sky, pump it into your home network, and then out to just about any device you own. (And that very recently has started to include Roku!)

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What's the catch? There isn't one, really, except that we're just talking about live TV here. If you want to get into the recording business, you're going to either have to pony up for the new HDHomeRun Servio, or run some network-attached storage in your home. (The former is far easier than the latter.)

But for me, this has proven to be the easiest way to take a single antenna and share the stream throughout my home.

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HDHomeRun Quatro

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HDHomeRun Quatro lets you take a single antenna and share the feed over as many as 4 devices on your home network — and that now includes Roku.

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