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The 2018 FIFA Men's World Cup kicks off June 14 with host Russia taking on Saudi Arabia. (And without the U.S. men's team even making the tournament. Yes, we're still bitter about that one.)

And while we've already talked about how to watch the World Cup if you've cut the cord, Fox — which has exclusive rights on the tourney here in the U.S. — has offered up details on exactly what all we can expect. And it's a lot.

First, the broad strokes: All 64 games will be seen live either on Fox, or on FS1. The former is available over the air, and also on some streaming services. (That'll depend on the service, and where you live.) And the latter is available on every major streaming service.

There's also a ton of soccer to be found in the Fox Sports app, too. Including:

  • Live streams and full replays of all 64 matches
  • Match Center – Gives users access to bonus feeds, commentary, rosters, stats and highlights
  • Highlight Machine presented by adidas – Invites Web and mobile visitors to create and share custom highlight reels from past and current matches
  • Highlights
  • Exclusive original content
  • Fan guide
  • Team pages
  • Schedules
  • Standings
  • Stats

There also will be five bonus feeds that'll give up to seven additional hours of coverage — per game — for something like 448 extra hours altogether.

That'll include:

  • Team channels with a "country-specific experience" with three live video feeds (match simulcast, player and coach, and bench) plus real-time stats. So if you want to follow along with, say, Brazil, you'll get a load of Brazil-specific content. (If you want to follow along with the U.S., well, you can't.)
  • Match 360, with a behind-the-scenes look 2 hours before each game begins, and exclusive content after the final whistle.
  • A "tactical view" that shows all 22 players on the field, as seen from high above one of the goals.
  • Cable cam — like that "spider cam" thing you see in American football games.
  • Other highlights

The Fox Sports app is available on iOS, as well as on Android. And remember that you get get all these extra content from your phone to your TV via AirPlay.

How to watch the 2018 FIFA Men's World Cup

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